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Well, it's nearly 2 AM and I can't sleep... as I have been (I inherited your insomnia Eden. >_< You can have it back now, k thnx) for the past month or so. I've been meaning to update this blog more often (as in, more than once a month), so I figured I could make the best of my time and update the blog instead of running across who knows what along with random crap from friends. Don't ask where they get these. I have no idea, I've decided I could use this time productively and update. =3
Keep you people updated on how awesome I am.

Anywho, the main reason for this entry is I decided to check my email, and one of the more recent ones was saying a comment needed to be approved for my last entry. I read it (from LMM btw) and it really hit me I should update with all the comments and IM messages I've been receiving about it. First off, I wanted to say all you guys really cheered me up. Everybody from messblack, and all my friends in real life. Thank you so much guys, it really meant a lot to me.

Now, for Lisha's particular comment, I wanted to respond to her on here, rather than stuffing my reply in a comment or hiding it away in an email. Her comment can be found here, just so you know what I'm talking about in my reply.
Hmmm... I made this post so I could reply to her, but now that I'm actually at that point I'm speechless... LMM is a really great friend. All you guys are. It's sad when you're in stages of depression how your mind tends to make everything worse, and causes you to overlook many of the positive things (like the people who are there for you). Those of you who know me (online or in real life) know I'm rarely like that, and 99% of the time I have a positive attitude towards life.
I rarely let myself get down. I'm generally in a positive mood (and I'm forgetful, because I'm repeating myself 'cause I tend to forget things. haha), I still got my mood swings (as you guys sadly have read) but they generally go towards the more angry side of things (again.. as you have read. I apologize for the vulgarities). That burns out soon (I love comments... Any of you guys seen my mood thing on MSN? Today it stayed as "Totally Loved" for the ENTIRE DAY! I didn't get really upset, angry, depressed, or anything! I'm so proud) pretty soon, then I'll be back to my bubbly self again. Either way.... meh.
Oh, I seemed to have strayed off... Anyways, first off (because I know I'll more likely forget this)... Dan, you made me laugh. haha. I dedicate this video to you in your honor. Enjoy! *winks*
The other thing I got strayed off of... Part of LMM's comment.
LMM - "You may not think that your single life could affect millions"
Oh believe me. I have thought about that. I've told Lis my, "End of the world Theory" and I've been DIEING to post it on here! I can't believe I forgot up until now! I should probably start a draft of it, so I can remember later... Although I do have a freaking huge English assignment due on Wednesday, and I should finish that... but seeing how things are going (and the sole fact that it's 2:30 AM) I don't think I'll get anything done anytime today.
Either way, you gotta remind me to tell you about that. Muhahaha.

Well, it's a long day of work tomorrow. Tomorrow Today and tomorrow is my last days of work. Then the park closes for the summer (I work at a local theme park), and I'm off work until next year!
Although, I'll probably find another job. I like monies.

I re-read over this, and I found a few spelling/grammar/typing errors already, so sorry about if there's some others I missed. After all, it's freaking 2:40 AM now.