Friday, April 20, 2007

Wednesday: Exposed and unraveld

Me: You still gone? lol
oh sorry no my brain went dead haha
haha, nah. Your fine. lol
Me: What's up?
trying to decide wich pics of me to send to my bf
that wants some
and i just don't know which ones
Me: haha, then send him all of them.
omg lol
Me: Well, it was a solution! hahahahha
thank you GENIUS
Me: hahaha
wow im in a weird mood
Me: lol, I think everybody is! Omg seriously! hahaha.
Me: I'm seriously crazy today.
Me: hahaha
ya its a wednsday who isn't
crazy wednsday
Me: That's true too. Wednesdays tend to screw people up. For whatever reason...
Me: hahaha
its cuz its the middle of the week
Me: Ooo ya, the transition between YAY IT'S FRIDAY and Crud it's Monday.
and its better than the begining and the not the crazy can't focus....need social plans end of the week
Me: hahaha, so it SEEMS like everybody's crazy because we're all actually normal today? A REVELATION! hahahah
OMG i didn't even realize that
hahaha pretty much
lol thats cool
we have found out something that no student has known before
Me: Thanks!
Me: haha, oh ya. We can take all the credit for this one!
Me: Then again, I doubt anybody has been "normal" enough to think about that

As you can tell, me and a friend on MSN have finally discovered the truth of Wednesday and why everybody is so weird. I thought this was "blog worthy" (I'm trying to make all of my entries more interesting... lol) so I decided to post it and let you guys read it!
I think we deserve money for this.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Wow, so much has happened, just between yesterday and about 5:30 this morning. If it was all up to me I'd write about every detail, I'd post every word of the MSN conversation, the MySpace e-mails, the song, everything. I don't want to however, for fear of hurting somebody. I guess this post is mainly to let everybody know I'm still here and I haven't died.

Bon Voyage!

Sunday, April 8, 2007


To Welcome Easter, I am celebrating by posting this video. Enjoy!

EDIT: The video was removed from unfortunately... if anybody has the URL to a copy of it I'd appreciate it! Thank-you!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

1,000 hits!

Today, (Or maybe yesterday, I'm not sure exactly when) My Blog reached 1,000 hits! That's 1,000 page loads, and 549 unique visitors (different people) 314 first time visitors (since the domain change)! To celebrate, everybody gets a pat on the back! (Please pat yourself on the back now. Thank-You)