Monday, June 11, 2007

SB Email 173

My friend Jeff was over today, and we were watching the Strong Bad E-mails on, when he said something about number 173, and how it wasn't out yet. I (clevery) simply replaced the number 172 with number 173, and here's what I got-- Funnily enough, it worked! I thought I'd share it with you all, so now go watch the un-released Strong Bad E-mail! Well, if you end up reading this before it is actually released, which will probably be today or tomorrow.... so whatever.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Busy Busy Busy!

Ahhh.... This is just what I've been looking forward to. :) I really haven't had a chance to update my blog for a while, so I've got a lot to ramble on about. I'm just glad I've got a chance to finally write in here, and just plain update the site. It feels good to relax, without anybody bugging me on MSN (no offense to anybody, I'm glad to help all you guys! =D). First off, I suppose I should begin with why I've been so busy, hence the topic title.
I've become a Moderator one one of my most visited forums, I've been a moderator for quite some time now, but I never had a chance to post about it. It was only about a week or two after I posted the "MSN Hack" entry, but I took it down for other reasons. I didn't really get reported to Microsoft, but I took it down all the same. Anyways, the whole thing and main reason I became a moderator was because of THIS THREAD about Hacking MSN in the forum. It currently has about 10697 views on the one thread. That's a lot of people reading that. That's about 10x what I have on my website. *Gasp* Plus, that thread's only been up since the 28th of May... Again, that's a lot of traffic and a ton of people viewing that ONE thread. No other thread in the ENTIRE forum comes anywhere NEAR that. Well, a few do, but none of them got that in like, 13 days or so.
So anyways, I've become a moderator there, so I've been busy answering everybody's questions, deleting all the spam, and all that fun stuff. I don't really mind, I rather enjoy answering everybody's questions (mostly) and it makes me feel like some sort of God. The only annoying part is when people add me on MSN, and they ask questions like, "how to h4ck msN" or "wut pr4mz r thr 2 hck" or something similar. Usually I point them to the thread I wrote, but then they say, "i dnt g3t et" or whatev, so they ask for help. For the most part I simply copy and paste (which one person added me on MSN, and asked how to copy & paste) a few sections of the tut at a time, and I rarely need to tell them anything else. So pretty much everybody CAN do it, but they're just TOO DAMN LAZY to read it, and they want me to create the entire page for them. No you lazies, get up and do it yourself. Wait, you don't even need to get up, so sit there and do it yourself. I don't want to make 10,000 fake pages for everybody, thanks.
Anyways, I think I got a little sidetracked. To cut myself short, I love MessBlack, and I'm pretty sure I'll be there for quite a while. Also, MessBlack v2 is coming out at around June 23rd, and it's going to ROCK. One of the best features I'm looking forward to is the fact that the InDesign Power Boards (I think that's what one it is) will have a Conformation Picture for registering, so it'll get rid of most of the Spam Bots we've been having. That's going to be good.
Also, the second main reason I've been busy is I'm just too freaking popular. I've been going everywhere with my friends, a lot of people have been coming over here, (Side note: Jeff's coming over tomorrow! Yay! He's brining his 360 over and-- wait, I'll finish later) so I just haven't been able to be on the computer near as much as I usually am. For some of you that's a bad thing, like Rutger, Linda, and all you guys I never get to see in person. For me, I guess it has it's goods and bads. I can't work on my programming as much, but yet I get to go outside and enjoy this "SunShine" everybody speaks so highly of.
The 3rd, and pretty much final reason is that I've been working at Lagoon! I usually set my AutoMessage on MSN saying I'm at work, but I rarely ever say where exactly I'm working at. So now you all know, and by-the-by, I love it. It's pretty freaking fun, and I rather enjoy myself there (I wouldn't do it for free mind you). (Most) of the people who work there are pretty cool and fun to hang out with, and there are a few good looking Ladies there as well, if you know what I mean. lol
I work in the Games Department, so I'm they guy you see asking if you want to play the game. When I have to do that it's usually a slow day, and those are kinda boring. I'm not Crazy for the BlackOut Days (where it's pretty much overstuffed with people, like the day the Wicked opened), but even the busiest days ever are better than when it's o h - e v e r - s o - s l o w. Time just seems to go buy a lot faster when you've got something to do, and it doesn't seem like it's just a huge long drag of waiting for things to do.
Today was.... well I'm not exactly sure. I was working the Brake-A-Plate game today, and (for whatever reason) it usually is either REALLY busy, or there's nobody there. It's almost like waves of people come to play at a time, so it was hard to tell how busy it was. It wasn't a blackout day, but it wasn't all that slow either. I guess it's somewhere in the middle.
They pay isn't all that bad either. I make (about) $5.25-$5.50 an hour, and on top of that I get paid commission. For example, today my goal was 3.7 yards, or $370. I ended up getting about $250 over $370. That's +$25 on my next paycheck. Again, that's about how much I went over. I didn't get a chance to count exactly, seeing as how I had a "busy wave", and then the other guy came to take my shift. I'll be able to find out later, but I doubt I'll remember to post it on here, and I doubt you really care all that much. ;)
So pretty much over the past 4 days I've made about $200. That's the long-story-short version.
Let's see... there was so much more to write about... Ahh yes. Wait... no. I think... ??? Alright, well I'm not sure what I just thought I remembered, but I forgot it again, whatever it was. I guess a good way to remember (or completely through me off track) is to start rambling on about whatever comes into my head. Oh! Just remembered again!! Wow, that actually worked! lol
I've written my own Virus! It's in DOS code, and it's actually pretty simple. It's what you'd call a "fork bomb" and what it does is it repeatedly opens command prompt, until your computer finally overloads, explodes, and then melts away into the nearest ocean. All you gotta do is put the following code into a Text Document, save it as batch.bat, and then excel it. It won't do anything else to your computer, so it's not really that bad of a virus. I have more, but I don't think I'll post them right now, maybe I will in a later entry or something. Anyways, the code is as follows--

START batch.bat
Don't paste the ---'s into the Text Document, but make sure you include the blank line up above the "@ECHO OFF". Then you simply run that, and watch as a million batch.bat's open up on your computer and eventually crash it. It's pretty funny, and maybe I'll post a few more funny scripts up on here if I later feel like it (like one that puts your caps lock on and off repeatedly, or beeps over, and over, and over, until you restart your computer).
For those of you who know it, DOS programming is similar to TI-Basic. TI-Basic is a simple programming language used on the Texas Instrument Calculators. You can make some OK games on them, although they are still kinda fun. I'd post the game I made up here for you to download, but unfortunately my RAM cleared and I never got a chance/wasn't smart enough to back it up on the computer. Pretty much it was similar to Phoenix, 'cept my game shot the bullets to the right, and you were a Pi sign shooting a lowercase i. The I moved randomly up and down, you could move anywhere on the screen, 2nd fired the "missile" or whatever, and there were a few other basic functions. I felt pretty proud of myself, and I was pretty freaking upset when it got deleted. All well, I guess I should have backed it up. :(
Let's see here, let us search the remains of my few braincells and we can see what's next in the list of my life. OH! This is somewhat related to Programming, so IDk why I didn't think of it as I was writing the previous post. *scratch that* Never mind, I probably did, but I bet I forgot about it again. Anyways, me and Rutger have developed/are developing an MSN Booter. What it does is it lags the victim so bad, that they are forced to sign out/end the Messenger Process in Task Manager. Yes, it is similar to MessBlack's MSN Booter 1.0, but we've been working on this a while before that-- and quite frankly ours works better. It's called the Dancing Kitty Virus 2.0 (Some of you may know 1.0, but probably not very many of you), and it works similar to DKV 1.0. However this time, instead of 1,100 things a message, it can deliver up to about 7,500 of 'em a second. *Spazz* That's a freaking ton. *Gasp*
Anyways, after about one huge wave, this pretty much kills anybody's MSN/WLM (sometimes permanently). We may release it to the public, but we are still deciding that. Also, do NOT add me on MSN asking for it. It will not be given to you. The only place you'll be able to find it is on this website, and maybe When it's released, it'll be released. Don't sit and ask when it's coming else I'll wish I never said anything. I already have enough random people adding me on MSN as it is. I don't need anymore.
Anyways, I have more to write, 'specially about a special somebody, but I think I'm going to wait until I do a few things, and some stuff. Besides, I think I've written a little TOO much this post. ;) lol
Before I go, as a side note, WLM 8.5 is freaking awesome. I love teh bunny ('.'). I even had a chance to use it before it was released, so it was pretty fun. :) Anyways, I'm out.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Well, hello there!

I've really been neglecting my blog lately. I've been pretty busy, but whatev. I'll update soon. :)