Saturday, March 31, 2007

Video of the Month!

This month's video was submitted by Rutger Semp! E-Mail me with your video or simply post a comment and a link! Thank-You!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Long Time No Post!

Let's see here.... the last time I posted was... March 6th? Wow... I probably lost a lot of readers from that right there. The post ITSELF isn't even up-to-date. I pretty much completely took down my MySpace, and I'm re-doing the entire template. I even solved that problem I had down at the bottom. Meh, all well.

So, a LOT of things have been happening. Lis and C**** broke up, me and Laura HOOKED up, then broke up (after 4 1/2 days.... Psh.), and me and Becca started going out, but here's the thing: We haven't even MET in person until last Friday. Truth be told, she looks a lot different than I thought she would. It's a good thing, really. She looks a LOT better in person than she does via a low quality web-cam, and the best thing is: She's short. I was RELIEVED when I found out she was shorter than me (even though now I'm about Average-Above average height). I simply wouldn't like it if the girl I was dating was taller than me. It wouldn't change anything, it would just be "Different." Wait, not different... IDK. Forget it.
Anyways, with the Laura thing, she just tends to like, "change her mind" a lot, and I knew about it, so I knew what I was getting into. Not really any worries there. Thankfully it was NOWHERE near the Eden crisis... *Shivers*
On Friday, my cousin Steven came over, and I received a text message from Becca, asking if I wanted to go walk around Dicks Market with her. Since Steven was over here, (geeze, he ruins everything... hahaha, JUST KIDDING!) I had to say I couldn't, but I invited her over here instead.
First impressions are (nearly) always wrong. She's different than I thought she'd be. She's 4' 11'' with brown hair, and black tip like thing on her bangs, which she colored with Sharpie. She was wearing a brown jacket, and jeans with words written all over them (again in black sharpie). She's a load different than I though she'd be, and it a way, I kinda liked it. I usually don't 'fall" for people like her, who love black, and just here kinda "type" or whatever. I usually don't like the whole black thing on people, but with her... It was really hot. I really kinda liked it just then, just with her.
Anyways, she came over, and of course... I was really shy, and we kinda didn't do anything but watch Becca and Kenna talk to each other. It was kinda lame, but you know. Whatever. Then to top the night off, we watched TV... When Becca and Kenna had to leave, I walked them to the door, and got too scared to even give her a hug. Thankfully, Kenna told us to, so we did. Twice. Then we did it again later on as I was walking her down the street.
Long story short, neither of us liked each other as much, or felt the same way about each other now that we've met in person. She's now going out w/a kid named Jason, Kenna's ex. Meh, I don't really care. She can do what she wants. She doesn't know what she's missing! =D
Along with that, after our 'breakup,' me and Larua got BACK together. I guess we're thinking of it more as like, a speed bump, because things are better than ever.

More on this, when we return.

*I previously Becca's height as 4' 1'', but she is really 4' 11''. This is fixed now.*

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Yes Yes, I know it goes against everything I stand for, but I've made a MySpace account. Seeing how all my friends repeatedly ask me, "What's your MySpace account?" along with things like, "You should visit my MySpace, it's on private though so what's yours and I'll add you?" things like that.
Now that I've actually TRIED it, and can evaluate it without just being prejudice, I have a few things to say.
  • Yes, it DOES suck.
  • The editor is very 'unstable' so to speak
  • Sticking the HTML in about me sections, and in other sections like that on your profile is stupid.
  • A very limited amount of the codes work, so even if your an HTML wizard, too bad for you!
  • The entire 'page' (I refuse to call it a site) is poorly made, due to the limited features (stated above) and how much control you have over where everything actually GOES...
  • I'm too lazy to continue
Long story short, now that I've tried it, It STILL sucks, and I STILL hate it. I was just pretty bored and threw together a site in less than 10 minutes.
Due to the stupid limited control over the entire thing, I've still managed to get rid of the "Steel Froggy is in your extended network" part (visit to see what I mean), but now it's a huge gaping blank space. If anyone could be any help as of how to place a picture there where it used to be, it would be appreciated.

If you wish to add me, send me a message saying WHO you are, otherwise your request will be denied.