Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm leaving, Goodbye everybody!

Well, I guess it's finally come.... I've hoped this day would never arrive, but I'm leaving messblack for good. It was my favorite site... like, ever. I've got a plugin for firefox, and it tells me 93% of the time I'm on the internet I'm on messblack. :P
Damn, now I'm gonna be bored.

Anyways, for those of you who care, there are a few reasons why I've decided to leave.
As some of you may know, I've been wanting to simply leave the entire internet. Leave messblack, msn, FA, take down my website, and leave my screen name for good. However, I guess I won't have to do that. I've decided just to leave messblack for good, and I have a few reasons why.

I. Future is generally a selfish prick.
A. I refuse to put up with him anymore, even though he claims everybody else is being annoying and/or selfish and doing everything wrong.
B. He did a great job of destroying his forum. There's nothing left with his site. Everything that has helped it become what it is (me) has left, and (I've) took everything with it (me).
C. Spyro, possibly the next greatest thing ever to come to messblack, is also leaving. Future says that his members need to respect him more.
i. Future, you need to show some respect to the only people that are keeping your site alive. If it wasn't for me, your site would be dead and rotting. If it wasn't for wolfbane (who, if you remember, helped get the phishing pages back up, and yet you banned him as well) and spyro and myself, your site would have died 3 times.
D. If somebody says, "Hey, what's the best msn freezer out there?" of course I'm going to say hackshadow.
i. It IS the best freezer out there. What am I supposed to do? Not help them? Point them to your freezer *cough* which doesn't work *cough*? No, I didn't think so.
ii. Even if I didn't own hackshadow, it's still the best freezer. There's no download, it uses 0 CPU, freezes faster, works on WLM 8.5 users, seriously. It's the best.
iii. No point explaining to you anyways, you don't really care. It's only good if you made it or something, idk what your reasons are, and frankly I don't really care.

II. I've put in way too much time and dedication for what I get in return.
A. I've been getting sick of Future. Sure, I love messblack and I wish I had enough to buy it from him, but when Future's the admin it's been driving me to leave.
B. I can't believe I put it with it for this long. I mean seriously. Future, you drive me nuts. There's so many things you do where there's just no logic in them at all. I swear, you have to be half retarded or something.
C. You're a great guy and I'd love to stay in touch, even after this, but seriously. There's just some stuff you do... it makes no sense.

III. All in all, I've been wanting to leave for a while.
A. Yes, it's true. I've been thinking about leaving for a while now, which is why I haven't uploaded any recent programs. You just finally pushed me into doing it.
i. Hopefully you can help all your members with phishing pages and such. I'm sure you and your expert knowledge can help all your members with all their silly little requests for free.
B. The people who already know are pretty upset about this news, a lot of them begging me to stay (thank you missy.senior, but now you know why I'm leaving). If you truly miss me, we've got our own forum being setup at While it's not completely finished yet, we'd love for anybody to come and pay us a visit and join.
C. A load of members from messblack aren't happy with it either.
i. Messblack was leachers and lurkers more than anything. Besides them there were the few faithful members. Spyrorocks, Jazcash, Dan, Anil, alphasource (aka wolfbane) and myself for example. They're all leaving, simply because messblack no longer has anything to offer except scams on the homepage. Hell, you even got BL4Ck pissed.
ii. Sadly, Lee (from messblue) was right. Messblack is slowly dieing. It had it's run, but Future... you sure as hell slaughtered whatever was left. You said you didn't want us to leave. However, you only stated that once I took down my personal msn hack as well.
You used me, Future, you used all your members for your own greedy purposes. I'm sick of you making money off us then getting mad when I try to pay for all the work and time and hosting and bandwidth I've put into your site.

To better understand why (incase I left anything out),
Here's the conversation with Future, Spyro, and I -- [click]
Along with a conversation with Elise about him -- [click]
and of course, spyro's blog and response about the whole thing -- [click]

EDIT: I may be a little harsh here, but whatever. There's been too many family issues and friends stabbing me in the back that I don't' really care.