Thursday, November 30, 2006

Computer Troubles

My computer isn't working right now...

When you power it up, it displays a "Disk Boot Error."
Then it asks you to insert the boot disk and press enter. Obviously I don't have the disk, and I never have. I do not know why it is doing this, however my Uncle is soon comming over to fix it.
I think it is from something My Anti-Virus program deleted. I had a virus on my computer, and it deleted the virus, then it said a few programs were "At risk of becomming infected" and it told me to delete those as well. So I pushed the "Delete" button, and nothing seemed to be wrong, so I forgot about it.
Of cource, when I powered on my computer, THEN the error comes. So I think Norton Anti-Virus deleted a Start-Up file (or something that it wasn't supposed to.)
Long story short, I don't have internet, so I won't be able to update my blog as often as I would like. I will try and get on with my mom and dad's computer upstairs, and occasionally at schoool, but I won't get tomany chances for that.
I'll keep ya updated!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Waiting for the Pictures...

Ok guys, I now have the blog about the Scorpian Tanks finished, but now I am just waiting for the pictures. During the event over the Wii weekend, we took pics and vids with my friends Cell Phone, and he can't get them off his phone onto his computer.
As soon as he can get me those, then I will place the pics, and post the blog entry.

Sorry for your time!

P.S. I will soon (Maybe?) Have an accual DOMAIN NAME!!! YAY! IT will either be

Or something else. Please state your opinions on which of the two you like better, and any other alternate names, if you have them. I would have chosen, but it was taken by somebody with a yellow background, and only two pictures on the entire site.
What a waste of webspace.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Messin with Tanks

On the weekend before the Wii launch, my friend Jeff stayed the night over at my house. Of course, while eagerly awaiting tomorrow, we couldn't sleep. He brought his X-Box (Hey, wasn't my idea! I HATE Microsoft for it's intrusion on the gaming world. Especially when they all ready rule computers (Windows), Internet (Internet Explorer), and everything else. Soon they're gonna make refrigerators too.) and Halo 2. At first we were doing co-op missions, which was OK. Then we started to kill each other on 2 players. That wasn't too fun.I lost a lot, except when we played Juggernaut. I don't know how to spell that.
While we were trying to pick out a level to play, I instantly shouted, "OH! Pick the fan one!" He just stared back at me. So trying my best to describe a level that I've played like, 1 time, I finally came up with, "That level with a big fan in the middle of it." Then, surprisingly, he got what I meant. For the first little while, we simply ran around killing each other, then I got in a Warthog and told him not to shoot me for a second. So he didn't, he threw a frag grenade.
I told him to stop for 5 mins, so he did, and I took the Warthog and drove it up the side of the fan. When I couldn't drive it up any farther, I waited for the fan to come around. It started to push me up, but not too long after I fell off the side of it. Jeff finally decides to kill me, then he takes my Warthog and tries the same thing. He got to about where I did.
I grab another one, and and ram him off the side of the fan. I try again to get up it. This time I get considerably farther up the fan. I keep trying to keep it steady until I fall out of it. After this, we start a little competition to see who can get it the farthest. We keep trying until FINALLY I get it to go all the way around. I fell out of course, but the warthog fell back onto the fan, and the fan spun until it finally dumped it off the other side, only to be pushed up by the fan again. Obviously, the Warthog doesn't make it a second time around without anyone steering it.
Since he couldn't get it all the way around, he said I have to do it again, to prove that I wasn't just lucky. SO I hop in a warthog, and about half way around, Jeff shoots it with a rocket launcher. I do it AGAIN, and get it to go all the way around. After this, we try it with Ghosts, but get bored quickly. So to keep it going, we quick the game, and set the Main heavy vehicle to Random, getting us both The Alien tank and the Scorpion Tank.
The Scorpion Tank was the funnest. At first, it was hard enough just to get it onto the fan, until we figured out just to go up and around a little ledge thing. (A 2ft high legde, that a 6 ton TANK can't drive over. Pretty pathetic.) We soon got it up onto the ledge near the fan. Sorry I can't describe the locations of anything too good, I don't play Halo often, so I don't even know what half the levels are called.
So ya, that's pretty much how it all went.

Monday, November 13, 2006


Have you ever had a favorite TV show? Not one that is still showing, but one you watched whenever you could, then the TV people go and cancel it on ya? That happened to me, with my (even currently) favorite TV show .hack//sign (Pronounced DOT hack sign). Fortunately for me, I found an Internet site where I could watch them all online.
For those of you who don't have the slightest idea of what .hack//sign is, I'll give you my "plot" and what it is about. The fun stuff like that. (Yay!)
.hack//sign really starts out when Tsukasa (SUE Casa) discovers he is trapped inside of the online game, "The World." He can't log out, and worst of all, he doesn't even know if he is in front of a computer terminal or not. Wandering around the world confused and disoriented, he soon gets the attention of the Crimson Knights, a group of the system moderators. Fortunately he has made a couple of allies along the way, Maha, a silent cat-like character the only Tsukasa seems to hear, a strange voice, and a "guardian," a glowing dumbbell-shaped creature who can strangely injure the people outside of "The World" as well. What do they want? How come nobody but them and Tsukasa can reach the area they haunt? Who is the ethereal child who endlessly sleeps there?
Pretty much, .hack//sign is a drama type series, with a few action sequences sprinkled throughout it. It is about a Wave-Master named Tsukasa who is unable to log-out of "The World." The World is a virtual reality game, and Tsukasa is an abnormal character. He can do things that go outside of the game logic and rules. He is given a "guardian," a massive creature that fights for him. This monster does not exist in the game programming, and was given to him by Morgana.
I know I am not very good at explaining things, but you really have to watch a couple episodes. I'll bet you if you watch at least 5 episodes, you will want to watch the others. The good news is, I found an Internet site where you can watch them all, (with a bonus episode) but the bad news is the sound is off from the video. The character's mouth will move, then about 1/2 a second later the voice will speak. Actually, I don't think it is THAT bad... but it is still the only place I could find them all.
You can watch them HERE.
I don't want to spoil anything else for you, especially one of the shows mysteries. (Like how the characters are in real life.) I HAD about a paragraph each about each one, then erased it since I figured if I spoiled it, then you would never watch them and you'd only get the crappy details I provided.
On a side note that is still related to the subject, this series obviously will mean more to those of us who watch the whole thing all the way through. A lot of you may stop in the middle, or after the first episode. I understand because the series can be a little confusing (OK, WAY confusing) at the first. As with [most] shows, it will unfold and make more sense later on.
Sorry for taking so long on such a small entry! Like I said, it WAS a lot longer! There are quite a few main characters to describe (and Spoil) in the show. That is the bulk of the reason it took so long. Afterwards, when I deleted it, I figured I should have copy and pasted it, then made a link opening a page with all the character spoilers. All well, too late now!

Friday, November 10, 2006


On the ride home from school, my friend Joshua had some markers with him, and we were drawing on a piece of paper. (Really? WOW! I thought you drew on crayons!) We had some pretty weird stuff going on. He gave me another piece of paper, and I started to draw with the markers. I didn't know what exactly I was going to draw, I just started to draw it.
What I ended up with is what you see. It's a kind of symbolism art, and I could tell you what the symbols were, and what they all mean, but that would take the fun out of it. It would ruin the concept of it if I just told you. Besides, it wouldn't mea
n near as much to you (and me) if I just told you what they were, it would be better if you could figure it out for yourself.
You are welcome to leave a comment on what you depicted it was, and I may tell you whatever your right or wrong. Those who really know me, and who really know what is going on in my life may get the basic idea, even if not each individual symbol. There is really only two people who would have a good idea of what's going on inside my head, and what's happening in my life. **** *******, the girl in the "Slap in the face" entry, and Sara R*****, one of my good friends. ****'s sister should have the basic idea, but I'm not sure whether or not she'd get the meaning of my picture. I'll have to ask her to visit this site, and let me know.
On a side note, I am taking it that I CAN freely give out my web address with out deleting the "Slap in the face" entry. (I'm assuming so from what she told me yesterday.) So I will be giving this website out to all my friends, and ask them to give it to their friends.
Anyone who is reading this is also welcome to let peeps know about it as well.
Lastly, this next picture (bottom) is the other paper we drew on. Pretty weird, but it looks kinda cool. My favorite pic is the chipmunk I drew. I think it looks a lot better when I draw it in pencil, because then you can do the shading more accurately, and give it more of a texture than you can with markers. Pretty much the top ones Joshua drew, exec pt the bright green guy with pink hair.
You can also kinda tell who drew what, because the drawing STYLE is different. He drew them all with black first, then colored them afterwards.
Oh, and before I forget, I purposely spelt squirrel S-Q-U-R-I-L-L. It is kinda an inside joke with some kids from 7th grade. I don't know if they still remember it or not. I forgot about it until I drew the squirrel/chipmunk. So ya, it was pretty fun.
Wow! I think this is my shortest blog entry! Exept for the first one (on this blog), usually (even on my old blogs) each of my entries were pretty long. They averaged about the size of the Peer Idol one, so pretty long. I guess I just have WAY too much to talk about! Especially now that I can't tell everything to a certain someone....
Hey! I just thought of something else I can ramble about! How come people go through Boyfriends and Girlfriends like nothing else! It seems (to me) that people nowadays just throw the idea around. Nobody seems to take time anymore to pick out someone they accually like first. You know, get to know them, be a friend, become a BEST friend, and then do whatever. I think it is pretty stupid. Me? I take time to pick out someone I like. I don't just run around saying, "Yay! Look at me! I'm gonna go pick out some hot chick to be my girlfriend!" I think that's pretty stupid. For example, when I decided I finnally decided I did love **** (Lets pick out a name for her... How about.... Emily? Ya, I like that.) Ok, so... when I finnally decided I did love Emily, it wasn't just a 2 second decision. I sat up all night one time, and just thought. I thought of the Pros, I thought of the Cons, and I was trying to decide whether I did want to "ask her out" somewhere. Like ask if she wanted to go to the movies, or *something
I do not wish to annonce to the world.* I really thought about it, and it took my about 3 months or so to finally decide I did want her to be my GF.
Now I screwed that up, and I don't know if I can ever fix it.
I'm trying to move on, and I've become friends with this girl. She's only in one of my classes, but I think of her as a friend. She is going to come over to my house sometime soon, to see my house I finished in construction. (Did I mention that? I know told it to all of my friends, but I don't think I wrote about it in my blog, I'll check... Nah, I didn't. I've gotta take a pic of that soon! I'm really proud of it! =D Yay!)
**** The other picture would not upload correctly, sorry guys! ****
If you read the comments, somebody figured out the symbols!

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

My Peer Idols

Do any of you have an Idol? Not an adult, but another student or someone your age. (Assuming of course that you aren't an adult.) I do, I have a couple actually, one is a boy, and the other is a girl.
My first role model would be Dan Hagen. He's pretty awesome (sauce. Ha ha ha) I've all ways "looked-up" to him in a way. (Well, ever since I met him anyways.) I think he's the coolest kid ever, and he's interested in a lot of the same things I am.
He's into a lot more stuff though, like school wise. He takes Madrigals, and he is much more involved in stuff. He likes software designing, and stuff like that as well. He has a blog, and his is what made me want to start this one. I look up to his ideas, thoughts, and stuff like that. He keeps saying his social status is isn't too high, but I still think he's way awesome.
He does a lot of cool stuff too, when I was reading his blog entries the other day, I found out some stuff I didn't know about him before. He really is an interesting guy, just not a lot of people care (or notice) that he is. I think of him as a friend, or more of a "school friend" at least. I am going to try and talk to him more, and see if he wants to hang out sometime, just to see what he says.
He's a WIZARD at the computer, and can do almost anything. I'd like to figure out the software programming soon in my life, and how to do a lot of the stuff he knows how to do. He's made some pretty awesome things with the Photoshop program, and some other stuff that I can't even IMAGINE doing with Google Sketch Up. He's made a movie using stop motion with Lego's. He even put it on Google Video. It is actually pretty cool. He made a Lego Guy break dance and everything. It's pretty sweet!
You can go to his blog at So ya,he's done some amazing stuff, I really want to become better friends with him.
As for a GIRL idol, I would have to say **** *******. She's the girl I was talking about in the "Slap in the face" entry. She was my role model before that whole mess happened, and she is still my idol. She is nicer to others more than anyone I know. It breaks my heart thinking about what I did to her. She puts everyone else first, and she really enjoys helping people. One of her worst fears is dogs, but just recently I found out her worst fear is losing her friends and family. Apparently I've made her worst nightmares come true. Well, partly anyways.
She is just like a mom to everyone around her, especially her siblings. I'll never forget the time I was over at her house, and her little brother had a hurt knee. After he fell (or something), she helped him up, brought him to the couch, and.... I remember her face. That look on her face, where she's doing something like that. I can't explain it really, it's kinda like a.... ummmm.... caring face. Really specific I know, but I can't describe it any other way. I remember her face, when she was helping her younger sister with a school assignment. She was making a movie, and when she was reading through the script with her, she looked really happy. She looked like she was having fun imitating the voice of "Mr. Froggy" or something. I can't remember what she actually had the frog named... although I DO remember the 'animal' named Mr. Tinkers.
After all that, it kills me to think of what I did to her, nobody like that deserves anything close to that. I feel really bad about it.
But on a more happy note, I am really looking forward to giving this website out to everyone, especially seeing that it is a lot better than my last blog site. However I am going to wait to give it out, until my friend can look it over, to make sure that it won't offend her sister.
Oh, and I put Tigger there just 'cuz I could. TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Slap in the face

Over the past week or so, I've been treating my friend like crap. I deserve a slap in the face. I was a real jerk to her, and I blew my top. She was (is) my best friend. I don't know why I did it, but I guess for you to understand I'd have to tell you the whole story. (All names have been edited out for privacy.)
I gave **** a flower, one I made myself, and it took freaking forever too. I stayed up multiple nights trying to perfect it. But that wasn't all I did, I wrote her a "note" on it too before I folded it into the flower.
So far, you may already be wondering why I did it. Sometime previously, I was talking to her on MSN, and we somehow got into the conversation of if she likes me/if I like her. She ended up telling me she liked me, and I ended up telling her I liked her. So later on I gave her the flower I made her.
On our next MSN conversation, she started explaining to me some of the questions I wrote on the note, and she started getting into stuff like, "There are better girls out there," and things like, "I knew you were just using B***** H**** to get closer to me," and stuff like, "I always knew I was your 'stargirl' but I didn't want to accept it."
Those should have been my first hints. So after that, (The rest I don't remember too well. SERIOUSLY! I think I don't want to remember them, I only wanted to remember the other kind of stuff.) We were talking about that and everything, then pretty soon she just flat out told me, that I didn't like her, "You don't love me," Just like that.
Now how am I supposed to respond to that? I think it is very confusing. I mean, I think I should know who I really like, right? Not that fun of a situation to be in. How I end up reacting to it however, is 'depression.' I become pretty sad, and I just start saying stuff like, "Well that just crushed my sense of reality." That was my first mistake.
I think she took it as I was blaming her for 'crushing my life,' but that isn't what I was trying to say. I just meant that it sort of, 'blew my mind' so to speak. It really struck curiosity in my mind. It made me start to think about what she meant by that.
Before I go any further, I think it is important for you to know that she was my best friend. I always took her word for anything even remotely close to 'serious' relationships (for a teenager anyways), or things like BFs & GFs. She always had advise on things like this, like when I used to like B*****. If she said something completely stupid, (Those of you who know her, ya ha ha ha. I didn't mean it like that.) I'd believe her unless one of two things happens.
First, if I know personally it isn't true, and I'm 100% sure.
Or Second, if I know she's joking, or I think she's just kidding.
But otherwise I relied on her for things like this, so what do I do when she says that I don't 'like' her. What am I supposed to do then? Afterwards, (if I remember this right) I think she was mad at me, because she thought I was blaming her for 'crushing' my life and reality. Ya, actually, I think that's it. I remember she said something about it towards the end of the conversation. Something like, "You know what? YOUR the one who gave me that flower. YOU told me to read it. It's not fair for blaming ME for 'crushing' your life!" Or something like that anyways.
So after that, she starts to ignore me, and she won't speak to me. She was avoiding me in the halls, and when I tried to ask her what was wrong (and explain all of this, along with trying to talk it out with each other.) the most she ever said was, "I'm not mad, I'm thinking." That was her response when I asked her if she was mad at me for something. She wouldn't say what she was thinking about, but that isn't my business (I guess?).
After a while, I started to become really mad at her, (or at least I thought I was mad at her. But I'll explain that later on.) and I did something stupid. I can't really remember what this something was, because it was pushed out of my head by this next thing.
After she was still ignoring me for a second, and not answering or making any comment to what I said I felt about her. I figured she was still gonna think about it, and I was fine with that. Especially since that meant there was a chance she'd... (Go out with me? (I hate that phrase.) Date me? (Probably not that serious, unless I had a couple of 4-leaved clovers in my pocket.) "Like" me?) So I was just gonna let her think it out, or do whatever she needed to.
After this continued for a while however, I noticed that on MSN, she had her quote to "I Love J" and I just blew it off me, because I thought she already had that on there, and she just never changed it. (This ended up NOT being true.) So I forgot about it.
Later, I was gonna send her a message on MSN, (She was Offline, but it would send it to her when she logged-in.) but the first thing I noticed was her display picture. It was a picture of her and her boyfriend from *** (The school she used to go to.) making out. I was really hurt by this. (I thought) She put up that picture, and changed her quote, and was ignoring me because it was her way of saying, "No, I hate you L***," as rude as she could.
What you are about to read, was really selfish, mean, hurtful, and uncalled for. What I did was very rude, and I'm suffering from it already, so If you wouldn't mind, I would not like any comments on what I did wrong about the following section. I've heard enough of them, believe me.]
I became REALLY mad at this, and decided that I would hurt her feelings, and that I would make her feel like crap. This was a mistake. This was the worst mistake I have ever made in my life, and I would give up my life if I didn't do this.
First, I took that picture she had on her MSN, (using a Screenshot) and I posted it up on my old Window's Live Space blog. Along with a very mean and rude (and NOT TRUE) story and things about her. I also called her really bad names that I wish I wouldn't have said.
Then, (Ya, there's more.) I signed up for a STUPID MySpace account, just so I could be mean to her on that. I made up some weird account, and I clicked the "Send a message" button in her profile. I put in the subject, "Hey! I didn't know you had a MySpace!" and then, in the MESSAGE, I put, stuff like, "I hate you. Your a *****, and I never want to talk to you again." (OK, you can comment on the stuff after this now if you want.)
Ya, really harsh, mean, uncalled for, and NOT TRUE. I'll regret that for the rest of my life. The next day, (after she read them) I assumed she was going to slap me, and I wouldn't blame her. I was ready for it the whole day. Nothing. She didn't even come close. She didn't glare, she didn't cry, she didn't even acknowledge that I came to school.
Right now I wish she would have slapped me.
What she's doing is even worse. (From my point of view) She's not only ignoring me still, but now she ISN'T avoiding me. She just ignores me, but seems to follow me around or something. Almost as if she knows she wants to be mean to me, and she knows that I can't stand it when she ignores me, so she makes it worse by making it so I see her everywhere. At lunch, in the halls, before school, after school (Sometimes, I get out before she can), whenever she can. I think it is a message saying, "See? You hated it when I was ignoring you, so now I'm gonna ignore you AND let you see what you screwed up."
If she starts kissing guys in front of me, then she knows how to hit a guy hard. Not physically, but emotionally. I was DEAD serious when I said I wish she would have just slapped me. Even in front of the whole school. I would have rather had her prepare a whole assembly, so everybody is watching in the WHOLE FREAKING SCHOOL, and have her slap me, say she hated me, whatever. That would be much less hard on me.
But quite frankly, I think I deserved it. I'm glad she didn't do anything more so far. (Believe me, I've thought of worse.) The worst part of all this is, I was mean to the friends who were trying to help me sort this out. I was rude to ****, one of my best friends who goes to F*********, so I pretty much never get to see her. I was rude to ****'s younger sister, *****, when she was STILL trying to help me, even after I was such a jerk. If I really think about it, I've been mean to all my friends that are GIRLS, I guess it's because **** hates me, and I don't want them to hate me too, so I'm trying to get them to stay away from me.
I think that's all that I wanted to say... but to concluded this...
I'm really smart huh?
****For privacy of the people in this blog entry, please do not tell anybody who the bleeped out name(s) is(are). That is the reason I blocked it out. Do not even tell the actual person that you know who they are, just to be respectful.****