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Yes Yes, I know it goes against everything I stand for, but I've made a MySpace account. Seeing how all my friends repeatedly ask me, "What's your MySpace account?" along with things like, "You should visit my MySpace, it's on private though so what's yours and I'll add you?" things like that.
Now that I've actually TRIED it, and can evaluate it without just being prejudice, I have a few things to say.
  • Yes, it DOES suck.
  • The editor is very 'unstable' so to speak
  • Sticking the HTML in about me sections, and in other sections like that on your profile is stupid.
  • A very limited amount of the codes work, so even if your an HTML wizard, too bad for you!
  • The entire 'page' (I refuse to call it a site) is poorly made, due to the limited features (stated above) and how much control you have over where everything actually GOES...
  • I'm too lazy to continue
Long story short, now that I've tried it, It STILL sucks, and I STILL hate it. I was just pretty bored and threw together a site in less than 10 minutes.
Due to the stupid limited control over the entire thing, I've still managed to get rid of the "Steel Froggy is in your extended network" part (visit to see what I mean), but now it's a huge gaping blank space. If anyone could be any help as of how to place a picture there where it used to be, it would be appreciated.

If you wish to add me, send me a message saying WHO you are, otherwise your request will be denied.

It IS possible to make a good-looking MySpace page though, last time I checked.

I dunno. Maybe I'll get a myspace account one of these days and it will dominate every other myspace page in almost every way. Muahahah.

I dunno how I'm going to do that though.

You go for that.
Have fun messin w/the HTML....

Allthough I must say I'm rather proud of mine...

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