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My Peer Idols

Do any of you have an Idol? Not an adult, but another student or someone your age. (Assuming of course that you aren't an adult.) I do, I have a couple actually, one is a boy, and the other is a girl.
My first role model would be Dan Hagen. He's pretty awesome (sauce. Ha ha ha) I've all ways "looked-up" to him in a way. (Well, ever since I met him anyways.) I think he's the coolest kid ever, and he's interested in a lot of the same things I am.
He's into a lot more stuff though, like school wise. He takes Madrigals, and he is much more involved in stuff. He likes software designing, and stuff like that as well. He has a blog, and his is what made me want to start this one. I look up to his ideas, thoughts, and stuff like that. He keeps saying his social status is isn't too high, but I still think he's way awesome.
He does a lot of cool stuff too, when I was reading his blog entries the other day, I found out some stuff I didn't know about him before. He really is an interesting guy, just not a lot of people care (or notice) that he is. I think of him as a friend, or more of a "school friend" at least. I am going to try and talk to him more, and see if he wants to hang out sometime, just to see what he says.
He's a WIZARD at the computer, and can do almost anything. I'd like to figure out the software programming soon in my life, and how to do a lot of the stuff he knows how to do. He's made some pretty awesome things with the Photoshop program, and some other stuff that I can't even IMAGINE doing with Google Sketch Up. He's made a movie using stop motion with Lego's. He even put it on Google Video. It is actually pretty cool. He made a Lego Guy break dance and everything. It's pretty sweet!
You can go to his blog at http://www.lessthandan.com So ya,he's done some amazing stuff, I really want to become better friends with him.
As for a GIRL idol, I would have to say **** *******. She's the girl I was talking about in the "Slap in the face" entry. She was my role model before that whole mess happened, and she is still my idol. She is nicer to others more than anyone I know. It breaks my heart thinking about what I did to her. She puts everyone else first, and she really enjoys helping people. One of her worst fears is dogs, but just recently I found out her worst fear is losing her friends and family. Apparently I've made her worst nightmares come true. Well, partly anyways.
She is just like a mom to everyone around her, especially her siblings. I'll never forget the time I was over at her house, and her little brother had a hurt knee. After he fell (or something), she helped him up, brought him to the couch, and.... I remember her face. That look on her face, where she's doing something like that. I can't explain it really, it's kinda like a.... ummmm.... caring face. Really specific I know, but I can't describe it any other way. I remember her face, when she was helping her younger sister with a school assignment. She was making a movie, and when she was reading through the script with her, she looked really happy. She looked like she was having fun imitating the voice of "Mr. Froggy" or something. I can't remember what she actually had the frog named... although I DO remember the 'animal' named Mr. Tinkers.
After all that, it kills me to think of what I did to her, nobody like that deserves anything close to that. I feel really bad about it.
But on a more happy note, I am really looking forward to giving this website out to everyone, especially seeing that it is a lot better than my last blog site. However I am going to wait to give it out, until my friend can look it over, to make sure that it won't offend her sister.
Oh, and I put Tigger there just 'cuz I could. TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!

HI!! This one is so much better. I like it a ton more. It is not depressing what so ever. Keep up the good work.


Wow, heeheeh, that's really flattering. Idols can have idols too.. a while ago I posted in my blog about a guy named Ken Silverman, who I want to be like, you can do a search for him on my site. Anyway, I guess it's all relative.

Still gotta finish stupid reflections movie by friday... i haven't been able to get anymore good footage because of crappy weather. :o

Anyway, I guess I really need to start studying C or assembly code or something. It's been a while.

Oh and I forgot to add.. i'm in Madrigals, not concert Choir. =)

Ahhhh... for some reason I couldn't think of what Madrigals were called, so I just picked soimething. Thank-You, I'll change it.

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