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MSN Hack Tutorial

Alright... so I've had the MSN hack up there for about... 16 hours now.
I got a warning from Microsoft telling me to take it down. Seeing how MessBlack's site was taken down for a few months... I don't want that happening to me so I'm not taking any chances.

You can still find the Tutorial here-- http://www.messblack.com/forum//index.php?showtopic=2856&st=0
Or, you could just e-mail/IM me if you'd like.

Hi,I tried very hard for msn hack but don't succeed bec'z i am getting abuse mail and pls pls can you sent me all dtail stp by stp hw to do this and I am stuck on creat the web page on from 50 megs and my web page is nazluver123.i8.com and how the hmtl should look likes, I did have another software with called bazoooka_2.5. and some modification should be done if you want I can send you and you work on it thank you and a favour from you will be appreciated email me on airobase@hotmail.com

lol i need a tutarial can u send me the step by step guide to my email plz its midget_dude_4_life@hotmail.co.uk
cheers dude

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