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Yes, it's official! As of May 12th, 8:45 PM, I am married to my lovely bride, Lauren Curtis. We went to Vegas, got married, had our honeymoon in Hawaii, and threw forks at people through our window. You can read all about of adventures Here and leave any and all comments (along with wedding gifts! =D) below. The conversation isn't edited in anyway, except for simple convenience of the reader.
I'm pretty sure I got all the emotes to stay in the document this time, but if you run into any problems or anything simply let me know (I.E. if you see (au) instead of a car, or if it's just blank where you think an emote should be). They show up correctly on my computer, but I'm not sure if they will still show up other places, if you know what I mean.
If not, then forget about it! lol
Anyways, things have been going good here at the uhm... salad bar, and uh... ya.
The two video's of the month I forgot about are coming soon!

We sound like such dorks lol...threw forks out the window...you're the one that hit the old man!

hahaha, so?
WE still did it, even if it was only me throwing it! :P

Oh, DID the emotes stay in the conversation btw? Or did they mess up?



Yea so congrats... So yea i got you a present. here is the description

wedding mementos box

Some memories will last a lifetime, like the first dance or cutting the cake. Others are in the mementos. genuine leather box provides a safe and stunning home for all of them. Inside, can store important keepsakes like your invitation, photos and programs. The large storage drawer holds bigger items, such as favors or their marriage license.

Exclusively from RedEnvelope

shadowbox lid holds a 4" x 6" photo
suede lining
measures 14" x 10" x 5 1/4" high

a plaque saying Levi Johnson and Lauren Johnson Curtis

=D Why thank you!

I'll put it here next to this Brand New Blender from Rutger! =)

You guyz are freakz

Congratulations! Even tho I dont know you, I did followup with ur progs and tuts and all on messblack and im glad u made this site :D

May you and your couple live a happy, beautiful life and cherish it forever. Never forget memories, take alot of pics and videos, you never wanna forget. Even some of the bad times. Its what were all forgetting, to take alot of pics, vids, and documents memories...

u can email me at assaf.khalid@gmail.com

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