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On the ride home from school, my friend Joshua had some markers with him, and we were drawing on a piece of paper. (Really? WOW! I thought you drew on crayons!) We had some pretty weird stuff going on. He gave me another piece of paper, and I started to draw with the markers. I didn't know what exactly I was going to draw, I just started to draw it.
What I ended up with is what you see. It's a kind of symbolism art, and I could tell you what the symbols were, and what they all mean, but that would take the fun out of it. It would ruin the concept of it if I just told you. Besides, it wouldn't mea
n near as much to you (and me) if I just told you what they were, it would be better if you could figure it out for yourself.
You are welcome to leave a comment on what you depicted it was, and I may tell you whatever your right or wrong. Those who really know me, and who really know what is going on in my life may get the basic idea, even if not each individual symbol. There is really only two people who would have a good idea of what's going on inside my head, and what's happening in my life. **** *******, the girl in the "Slap in the face" entry, and Sara R*****, one of my good friends. ****'s sister should have the basic idea, but I'm not sure whether or not she'd get the meaning of my picture. I'll have to ask her to visit this site, and let me know.
On a side note, I am taking it that I CAN freely give out my web address with out deleting the "Slap in the face" entry. (I'm assuming so from what she told me yesterday.) So I will be giving this website out to all my friends, and ask them to give it to their friends.
Anyone who is reading this is also welcome to let peeps know about it as well.
Lastly, this next picture (bottom) is the other paper we drew on. Pretty weird, but it looks kinda cool. My favorite pic is the chipmunk I drew. I think it looks a lot better when I draw it in pencil, because then you can do the shading more accurately, and give it more of a texture than you can with markers. Pretty much the top ones Joshua drew, exec pt the bright green guy with pink hair.
You can also kinda tell who drew what, because the drawing STYLE is different. He drew them all with black first, then colored them afterwards.
Oh, and before I forget, I purposely spelt squirrel S-Q-U-R-I-L-L. It is kinda an inside joke with some kids from 7th grade. I don't know if they still remember it or not. I forgot about it until I drew the squirrel/chipmunk. So ya, it was pretty fun.
Wow! I think this is my shortest blog entry! Exept for the first one (on this blog), usually (even on my old blogs) each of my entries were pretty long. They averaged about the size of the Peer Idol one, so pretty long. I guess I just have WAY too much to talk about! Especially now that I can't tell everything to a certain someone....
Hey! I just thought of something else I can ramble about! How come people go through Boyfriends and Girlfriends like nothing else! It seems (to me) that people nowadays just throw the idea around. Nobody seems to take time anymore to pick out someone they accually like first. You know, get to know them, be a friend, become a BEST friend, and then do whatever. I think it is pretty stupid. Me? I take time to pick out someone I like. I don't just run around saying, "Yay! Look at me! I'm gonna go pick out some hot chick to be my girlfriend!" I think that's pretty stupid. For example, when I decided I finnally decided I did love **** (Lets pick out a name for her... How about.... Emily? Ya, I like that.) Ok, so... when I finnally decided I did love Emily, it wasn't just a 2 second decision. I sat up all night one time, and just thought. I thought of the Pros, I thought of the Cons, and I was trying to decide whether I did want to "ask her out" somewhere. Like ask if she wanted to go to the movies, or *something
I do not wish to annonce to the world.* I really thought about it, and it took my about 3 months or so to finally decide I did want her to be my GF.
Now I screwed that up, and I don't know if I can ever fix it.
I'm trying to move on, and I've become friends with this girl. She's only in one of my classes, but I think of her as a friend. She is going to come over to my house sometime soon, to see my house I finished in construction. (Did I mention that? I know told it to all of my friends, but I don't think I wrote about it in my blog, I'll check... Nah, I didn't. I've gotta take a pic of that soon! I'm really proud of it! =D Yay!)
**** The other picture would not upload correctly, sorry guys! ****
If you read the comments, somebody figured out the symbols!

K the flower symbolizes the flower that you gave to that one "girl." Maybe the colors in the back ground could be how you feel. The pink is maybe how much happinees you have. The red-orange could be your madness level. And finally the yellow could be how much you want that one "girl" to fogive you for everything you did.

Nope! All though that would be a pretty good one...

But that wasn't it.
it really is something personal between me and "emily" so that's why she's one of the sonly people who'd konw.

wow, my typing is WAY bad today!

I wish i could draw good. I wish I could draw.. manga. THAT would be cool. Or anything I wanted.

Actually, I am an artist; just in my mind. Now if only I could translate my ideas into physical form..

Heh Heh, you think THAT'S Drawing? Wow, lol I call it scribbles.
I spent about 3 mins on that.

But I COMPLETELY know what you mean by artist in your mind. That drives me nuts.

Ok, im gonna take a stab.
The flower is the girl you care about; the one petal represents the one time it took to blow it. (sorry! im kinda puttin it on strong, aren't i?) The flower is pretty, so that could mean you still care. The background represents the feelings afterward; The waves are like the emotional rollar coaster and confusion, and the colors replicate regret and anger. Then, there's the little circle of green below the flower that might show the chance of everything being fixed and green again. ....that's just what i got from it anyway....

WOW!!! You nailed that right on! You stalker! The "waves" didn't mean anything like the emotional roller coaster, but everything else was DEAD on! Who are you anyways???
The background is supposed to be fire, but I kinda messed up the perspectives.
There is just ONE thing your missing.
The blue ring around the grass (green circle)? that represents the chance of this fixing itself.
The grass itself, represents the foundation of our friendship, (hence the reason the blue circle is barely keeping the world of fire and destruction from ruining that too.
For example, the blue ring would cover the whole flower before, but now it was torn down.
Another part about the flames, is the fact that I (emphasis on I) was the one who started to destroy that "force field," and now it's nearly gone.
But seriously, WHO ARE YOU???
That was SCARY accurate.

SHE is my little sister, Cristal. You are a member of her friend Miranda's blog. MMARIEN? Do you know Miranda? If you do then you'd probably know Cristal.

Oh! All right, thank-you!

oh, hi Lori...

Yup, that's me! but I didn't know I was going to be THAT accurate! Thanks for straightening out the wrinkles, though.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Oh! And sorry for calling you a boy CrisB, I just figured you were a boy since you guessed it so accurately. I figured you went through somethin similar to this.

Lol, it's no problem. I have a tendency to confuse people.
And, no, my boring ol' life isn't quite that dramatic...

Oh one more thing. this really has nothing to do with the blog entry other then you said it. to assume makes a a** out of u and me

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