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9th Grade Dance

My Site is L337! I was the one thousand three hundred and thirty seventh visitor to my site, so thankfully I got a screenshot! I guess this is good news, and it's pretty cool.

In other news, today was the 9th grade end of year dance, and I wanted to dance with somebody in particular. Actually there were a few people, but I mainly hung-out with Lis and Laura the whole time. It was alright, but I wish I would have (no offense to either of you guys. lolz) stopped following them around and danced with a few people. After all, it was the last dance in Junior High.
Regardless of what I should have done, I didn't ask anybody to dance and I kinda just tagged along with Lis and Laura. (Again no offense) That was pretty much a mistake. Now if I would have at least asked Lis or Laura (as friends) to dance, that'd be different but that's not the point. I didn't really want to dance with either of them. I don't mean that rude, I just meant it as there were a couple other people I wanted to dance with.
Although... even though I didn't dance with her, I did give Lis a kiss. She even gave me one back. They tasted pretty good too. After I un-wrapped the silver tinfoil, I ate it! YUM!
Seeing how a few people asked me to take their names off of my blog before, I won't mention names until/unless I ask for their permission. However, the only problem with that is when they'd ask why, I'd have to tell them. That isn't really a bad thing, since for all I know they like me back. I'm pretty sure about 3/4 people, but the last one... I'm not sure what she's thinking. Complicated, and not something I'd generally put on the internet. That's something for my private Journal.
The main thing I've wondered is what number 1 would have said. Would she have said yes, no, hell no, or simply walked away? I bet number 3 would have said yes, in fact I'm nearly positive. I just never actually went up and asked her. Stupid I know, but such is life. Then there's number 4, who I'm also 98% sure would have said yes. Number 2 on my list of who I wanted to dance with, DID in fact dance with me. No, I didn't ask her. She came up and asked me if I would dance with her, when I was sitting on the bleachers trying to convince myself to dance with number 1. I told myself I would ask her, so I got up off the bleachers to ask her, when she came up to me and asked to dance. (Again) Yes, I know I should have asked her, but that's besides the point.
Halfway through the dance. Sam (not his real name), who really likes her and was obviously jealous, came up and stuff. He's cool and whatever, so it was pretty funny. Person number 2, who's really polite and stuff, asked if he wanted to butt in (after asking me. lol). Not too long after, another girl (who likes me, but I hardly know) came and asked to dance... so we danced for the last minute of the song.
Long story short, I never got to ask the one girl I wanted to. I never asked the one person who made me get up and go to the dance for. I should have, but I never did. It doesn't really matter all that much, because shortly after Person number 2 asked me, Person 1 found somebody else to dance with. I probably would have asked her sooner than the last song of the night, but it seemed she always had somebody else to dance with. It was hard to get her alone, and I never got her to.
I want to ask her still, even if it's not at a dance. I just want to tell her I was going to ask, and ask her what she'd say If I did. If she would have said yes, I may just dance right then and there. If not... lolz.

well life is full of decisions to make. and what we have to do is just to make the decision right.

True, but I fear I made the wrong decision by not asking her...

I'm pretty sure she'll live Levi, and so will you! lol Maybe you just need to get to know her better and ask her to a high school dance...Never know what might happen!


haha, get to know her better? LOL.

You sure you know who I"m talking about? lolz

Umm Idk! Haha!

Loves, LC

Levi, give me a kiss, NOW. Give me like 1 hundred kisses.

..and please, none of that almond-filled crap or anything. (Just kidding, I love chocolate + almonds)

yo lever!
does mom know that you used a swear word in your blog?


What? Where?

I didn't use any bad language! lolz

haha Dan. At first I was wondering, who the crap put that? Then I saw it was about the candy, and I was like-- "OOH! GOT IT! lolz"

looks like you MIGHT have to ask that certain girl to a high school dance. you never know what she might say. and get over your fear. just do it. dont even think. so what. she might turn you down-- but maybe not. and you'll feel better knowing that you asked. i dont think that you could get to know this girl any better. lol :) you sound like as if your pretty tight with her. maybe you'd like to think of it that way. but the world will never know what happens in 'lrjohnsons' mind. (and there not ready either)

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