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Persuasive Essay

Here is a persuasive essay I wrote for my English class. I don't have much to say right now, maybe I'll add on later... :P
Comments appreciated!

Persuasive Essay

An extra “Study Hall” period should be added to every school day, increasing the average day by 45 minutes. Some people agree with this statement and others hate the idea. It has both good and bad but in general I agree with this statement for a few reasons. These reasons include the facts that the kids would get better grades, they would get help where they needed it, and they would get a great opportunity to make study groups, and new friends.

If mandatory study hall period was added to Jr. High’s, the grades would increase. The kids would have a bigger opportunity to do homework, study, and even long-term assignments. It needs to be a mandatory period, otherwise instead of people studying for their tests and doing their homework, kids would rather go outside and play football, or watch T.V. The quality of the work would also go up, which would help them get the grade they want in that class, which would increase their overall G.P.A. With more study time, and more homework completed, this would be a good idea.

Kids would get extra help in subjects they were struggling in. If a mandatory study hall period was added, the kids would be more likely to seek help for topics or ideas they do not understand. The teachers or volunteers could also take this time to find out what subjects they need help in, and would have more time to help the student, compared to a class setting. If they find out other people are struggling in the same areas as they are, they may not feel so left out and stupid, but rather able to find more help. Over all, with this extra period, kids would get the help they need.

After adding a mandatory study hall period, kids could make new friends and meet new people in the process of learning. It would be a great change to arrange study groups, and meet people struggling in their same areas. After study groups are made, the kids can study for tests; do homework, and anything else they never got a chance to finish in Study hall. This would help the student body itself develop study skills, people skills, responsibility, and a number of other useful traits in their lives.

With all that said, one extra period is worth all the hassle, money, and extra time that would be required. It would do more than add 45 minutes to every school day. It would increase the student’s grades, let the student get help where they need it, form study groups, and even help develop skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Adding on the Study Hall would be a great idea, and I would vote for it if the issue came up at my school.

It also prepares students for college, because they learn to actually study for tests and such. Then they don't have to go through the process of learning to study for tests at college. My brother never studied for tests until college, and I think he would have gotten much better grades if he would have learned to study before.

I hate writings persuasive essays! I'm just not very persuasive.


Great essay ! Thank you for the other point of view.

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