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Have you ever had a favorite TV show? Not one that is still showing, but one you watched whenever you could, then the TV people go and cancel it on ya? That happened to me, with my (even currently) favorite TV show .hack//sign (Pronounced DOT hack sign). Fortunately for me, I found an Internet site where I could watch them all online.
For those of you who don't have the slightest idea of what .hack//sign is, I'll give you my "plot" and what it is about. The fun stuff like that. (Yay!)
.hack//sign really starts out when Tsukasa (SUE Casa) discovers he is trapped inside of the online game, "The World." He can't log out, and worst of all, he doesn't even know if he is in front of a computer terminal or not. Wandering around the world confused and disoriented, he soon gets the attention of the Crimson Knights, a group of the system moderators. Fortunately he has made a couple of allies along the way, Maha, a silent cat-like character the only Tsukasa seems to hear, a strange voice, and a "guardian," a glowing dumbbell-shaped creature who can strangely injure the people outside of "The World" as well. What do they want? How come nobody but them and Tsukasa can reach the area they haunt? Who is the ethereal child who endlessly sleeps there?
Pretty much, .hack//sign is a drama type series, with a few action sequences sprinkled throughout it. It is about a Wave-Master named Tsukasa who is unable to log-out of "The World." The World is a virtual reality game, and Tsukasa is an abnormal character. He can do things that go outside of the game logic and rules. He is given a "guardian," a massive creature that fights for him. This monster does not exist in the game programming, and was given to him by Morgana.
I know I am not very good at explaining things, but you really have to watch a couple episodes. I'll bet you if you watch at least 5 episodes, you will want to watch the others. The good news is, I found an Internet site where you can watch them all, (with a bonus episode) but the bad news is the sound is off from the video. The character's mouth will move, then about 1/2 a second later the voice will speak. Actually, I don't think it is THAT bad... but it is still the only place I could find them all.
You can watch them HERE.
I don't want to spoil anything else for you, especially one of the shows mysteries. (Like how the characters are in real life.) I HAD about a paragraph each about each one, then erased it since I figured if I spoiled it, then you would never watch them and you'd only get the crappy details I provided.
On a side note that is still related to the subject, this series obviously will mean more to those of us who watch the whole thing all the way through. A lot of you may stop in the middle, or after the first episode. I understand because the series can be a little confusing (OK, WAY confusing) at the first. As with [most] shows, it will unfold and make more sense later on.
Sorry for taking so long on such a small entry! Like I said, it WAS a lot longer! There are quite a few main characters to describe (and Spoil) in the show. That is the bulk of the reason it took so long. Afterwards, when I deleted it, I figured I should have copy and pasted it, then made a link opening a page with all the character spoilers. All well, too late now!

AWESOME!! It rocks my socks!!!


Hmm... I've never heard of that before....it sounds neat!

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