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SB Email 173

My friend Jeff was over today, and we were watching the Strong Bad E-mails on homestarrunner.com, when he said something about number 173, and how it wasn't out yet. I (clevery) simply replaced the number 172 with number 173, and here's what I got-- http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail173.html. Funnily enough, it worked! I thought I'd share it with you all, so now go watch the un-released Strong Bad E-mail! Well, if you end up reading this before it is actually released, which will probably be today or tomorrow.... so whatever.

Sorry to burst your bubble, Levi.. but the almighty Homestar Runner Wiki says that the email was released around 4:00 AM on Monday. So maybe your browser's cache just wasn't cleared or something. Oh well. The email was great though, one of the best ones in a while, in my opinion.

RIP The Paper!!

Oh well! Great Strongbad! Very funny! North Ogden, Utah, even! Lol.



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