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2,000 Hits!

Yes, it's true. We've got another thousand hits onto the site! So, to celebrate, I thought I'd post a few useless facts about my visitors, where they came from, what they searched for, and some of that fun jazz.

10 Most recent Search Terms that lead here, and a link to them all-
  1. Messblack v2
  2. Super Mario Frustration Download
  3. Hack Tutorials MSN
  4. Messblack
  5. batch virus command hacks msn
  6. label:blogs
  7. Messblack booter problems
  8. longer school day persuasive essay (No link for you. Write your own essay)
  9. page hotmail hacking video fake (Video coming soon)
  10. create auto-message for msn
I know the people who searched for these probably won't come back, but now we have a link for if somebody comes back again. lol Searching for the same thing.... :P

Screen Resolutions--

255 had a screen resolution of 1024 x 768
143 had a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024
72 had a screen resolution of 800 x 600
35 had a screen resolution of1152 x 864
3 had a screen resolution of 1600 x 1200

Browser War--
301 people use Microsoft Internet Explorer
160 people use Mozilla FireFox
37 people use Opera
1 person used Safari

Those 301 Internet Explorer Users need to use FireFox.
The end of July is coming, so make sure to submit your favorite videos for the Video of the Month! I've even set up this form for all you to use. This one's only temporary, and will soon be updated and everything. This one works for now, but later I'll have to edit it and well... just improve it. :P Feel free to submit more than one video, but send them each individually.