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About the visitor explosion

Well, whatever caused that recent explosion of page loads and visitors is slowly starting to go back down to the average of 5 hits a day. I still haven't found out what caused this mass visitor phenomena, and by the looks of it I never will.
Regardless, the amount of visitors I get isn't really that important, seeing how this is simply a personal blog/journal and doesn't need a lot of hits. It is nice having a lot of people read what I write, especially when they comment, but it's not necessary.
Anyways, I've just finished reading Harry Potter 7, after staying up practically the entire night, and I must say it's probably the best book out of the lot. Since I'm not a jerk or anything, I guess I won't/can't really write about it on here.... unfortunately... but it's simply a great book. I wouldn't say it's the best book I've ever read, because that would be an utter lie. There are better out there that I've read, but not many.
Anyways, I'm going to go eat now. It's like 2:30 or something, and I still haven't eaten breakfast or lunch, so I'm pretty hungry...

Maybe I'll come back and edit this entry... write about it a bit more later. :)

It's because I got grounded from the computer! ;) Lol.

Lauren gets grounded.... so everybody decides to go visit my blog.... yeah that's it. ;)

It's true. They have nothing better to do with out me! Jk

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