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Backwards stuff in WLM

Alright, here's how to turn stuff backwards in Windows Live Messenger. It works in all versions (including the latest 8.5 Beta), although if your friend's the one using 8.5, the backwards e-mail won't show up. Dang.
First off, let me thank Elise for actually taking the screen shot, seeing how everyone else was either too lazy or simply didn't want to. It's not the best quality per say, since she must have a low-resolution monitor, but still. I thank her for taking it for this blog entry.
Anyways, I somehow doubt you care who took the screen shot, so I guess I'll just go about how to do this, what exactly it does, and other ways it can be used. As you can probably tell, in my personal message it states- "It's the -- TOASTER SUCKER! -- BROODROOSTERZUIGER
< moc.liamtoh@poh-sgorf >" That my friend, would be my e-mail address backwards. Below that, there's the little white bar saying I'm away or something. However, in my case it says- "I'm Mc. Haxinlaggins and.ylper ton yam dna ysuB is I" I'm not sure why the 'I' got stuck there at the end, but that's not really the point. How this works is you copy a single Unicode character (document to download at the end of the entry) into your personal message, name, or your message you're typing to a friend. Everything from that point on will become sdrawkcab. This is why my e-mail's backwards in my personal message. I added it to the end of BROODROOSTERZUIGER (Before you ask, it means Toaster Sucker in Dutch. Before you ask why, don't).
.meth etorw uoy tahw gnidaer deirt yeht esuaceb uoy derongi yeht tou dnif uoy retfa retteb neve s'ti tub ,meht ot dias uoy tahw aedi on sah nosrep retho eht nehw ynnuf adnik s'tI
Anyways (waits for you to figure out what that says, laughs after you finish), I'm sure you can figure out more clever uses for it, rather than just your status message and e-mail.
How to download-
Right click on the following link, and click, "Save Target As" or, "Save Link As" then save it into whichever directory you choose. If you simply click the link, you'll get some text with a lot of ?'s, and you won't even be able to read what's inside it. *Link*

well my comp WAS 3 years old, I mean practically ancient... :P

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