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What do you expect from me?

The following started out as a reply to This Entry on Dan's blog. I then decided I should rant about it on my own blog, rather than in a small little comment not many people will read. Anywho, I guess I'll continue where I left off. This was mainly in response to the part about how video games and computers are 'bad for you.'
So anyways--
I AGREE WITH HIM COMPLETELY! NOBODY EVER LISTENS! GAHHH! IT DRIVES ME MAD! I mean what do people want. They say video games are bad, so they take them away.
Great, no more video games.
Hmm… I’m bored. I think I’ll go do some drugs with some of my other bored friends.
Get the point?
Now some people would say that instead of video games, I should read instead.
Alright fine. I’ll go do that.
Now everybody reads all day instead of playing video games (not that you don't read in video games of course. Plus, there's no WAY you'd be reading on the computer. I mean, that would be silly). Great! Problem solved, right?
However, not too long after video games are banished, now the books we read have bad content, and they're a 'bad influence' over us. I guess now everybody's stuck reading Barney and Friends.
Screw that, I'm going to go find some drugs.

Alright, so I know that's not exactly a fair argument. There are some bad things you can do on a computer (shocker), but that's really not the computer's fault now is it? There are bad things and influences in video games (gasp), but is that the games fault? In reality I think it's the fault of the child and the parent. Stop blaming video games and everything just because you can't control your child, and because the child is..... well usually kids are pains. I agree with that.
Stop blaming the computer for having porn on it, either trust your kid not to look at it, or go download some internet protection software or something. Going off of experience (no names mentioned) the child will usually just get angry if you put blockers on the internet, which will usually resort to them trying to get getting around the system, or they'll get bored and go do drugs instead. How about instead you talk to your child(ren) about the stuff they do you don't want them to, and try to earn some trust/respect from them and maybe you can have some trust in them as well. If they don't comply with you, argue, yell, or continue to do 'the bad things' on the internet, then forget that plan and go find some free internet protection software. Just be careful about those drugs. ;)

As a side note, you can go here before you even say something about video games causing violence.

lol. I do both XD

lol thats funny as do i tho you got a point about all of.Alister

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