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Day at Dan's

Yesterday on September 1st I was bored for EVER, then I got the idea to call up Dan at we decided to hang out. I went over there, and we were hanging out for a bit, messing with some stuff on the computer, we played the Wii (Resident Evil 4 and Metriod Prime 3) and along with some Virtual Console games. We went to Subway to eat later on, and I had the meatball marinara! yay... details...
FarmerBB, (aka Kilroy) came over as well, along with Adrian. It was over all fun. We had a pizza, we played VC (Virtual Console) games on the Wii, and we even had four player Tennis (on the Wii, of course). After that we played Mario Kart 64, and I remembered a glitch I saw on youtube... I figured what the crap, and we gave it a shot.
The glitch is that on Moo Moo Farm, 150cc (and on the Wii of course) that everything will be sped up like mad. That's a bad explanation, but heh... I'll just find a video.

This particular video however, portrays it as a bit slower than it really is... it's actually a bit faster than the video looks, but all well. One good thing from this video is now I know it works on Bowser's Castle too. I'm thinking of buying this game on the VC just for the Moo Moo Farm (and Bowser's Castle) glitch. It's so freaking fun it's not even funny.

Then to top it all off--

Yes, this is Dan actually beating his TV with a 2x4. No, it's not acted out. His TV was acting funny/fuzzy, so... he grabs a 2x4 and starts beating his TV with it. Luckily Kilroy was there to get the shot, and comment on the stupidity of the TV rather than Dan, the one beating the TV (I'm JK Dan. haha)... I was on the right of Kilroy, and Adrian was on the left... so yeah... haha. I'm sure you were dying to know that.

As a final update, some of you guys persistantly bug me about having too much time on my hands, then I ran upon this article, and Truth be told I think it's a good idea and I'll probably do that from now on ;) (I'm kidding).

Heheh... good times.

Although I wish that cell phone video was a bit higher quality.

..stupid TV.

Good times.. good.. times.. :D

I love Mario Cart! What a great game.

haha... stupid tv...


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