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The 'Free Stuff' Study

Last Updated- Sept. 12, 2007 8:40 AM

UPDATE - It fails!

I found out why some people's offers weren't going through (including my own). If it says you're offer wasn't completed, then read this--
Step 1
In the top menu, click "Tools", then "Internet Options".
Step 2
You will see the Internet Options window. Click the "Privacy" tab at the top.
Step 3

On the left, you will see a vertical slider, move the slider until it says "Low".

The low setting will simply allow Internet Explorer to accept 3rd party cookies but will still restrict how they are used to protect your privacy. If you wish, you may set the slider back to it's original setting once you are done completing your offer.
Step 4
Click the "OK" button.
Step 5
Close your browser, open a new browser window and log back into your account.
You will now be able to see and complete offers.

Alright, here is a study about all those 'free laptops' and all those other 'free' giveaway sites, and if they really work. You're probably seen so many ads (I ♥ Adblock Plus!) for them you could choke somebody. However, the temptation of a Free Laptop finally got the better of me. I decided to ignore all those stories about people getting their iPods as fake, but when my friend Dan said he got a DS from one of these things I figured I'd give it a shot.

You all know how these things work-
You sign up for one (maybe more) of the free stuff sites.
The tricky part is that once you sign up for your free iPod, you have to complete a, 'free offer' from one of their advertisers. You can usually pick from about 5-10 of them, with some of them being a lot easier/better than others. In order for you to actually get your laptop/ipod/whatever you need to refer some friends (this number varies on the product), and they also have to complete one of the offers. If THEY want to get their free product, then they need to refer their friends, and so on.
First, you may be wondering why they'd just send you a free Laptop-
(1(you) +5(your friends)) X $90 = $540 -$250(iPod) = $290 profit for the site, just for you signing up. The advertisers are more than willing to pay, and the free site is more than happy to send you your Laptop. Now everybody's happy.

How to sign up-
When signing up, it's recommended to use IE (internet explorer)which sucks but some sites have problems with other browsers.

If you just want to skip the tutorial, here's the link- http://www.notebooks4free.com

1. Click the link above, and down towards the bottom it says, "START HERE" in orange. Create a user name/password, check the box saying you agree to the terms, and click "Step 2"
2. Complete one of the offers listed.
----- Not all of these require credit cards, and most are free! For example, at the time this was written there was an offer called, "FastWeb!" and that one worked great. You just fill out some stuff, and you're all good. No credit card, no money, nothing. Plus, it has 'instant' verification (meaning it takes about 1 business day). If it's not right there on the list, you can scroll down to the bottom and click, " Click here to see all of our of great offers" and hopefully it's in there.
3. After finishing it, click the, "I completed this offer" button next to whichever one you completed, then scroll down and click, "Click here to see all of our great offers" to continue.
4. Up towards the top on the silver bar, right below the laptop logo, you've got some new options! :)
----- You can click, "Select Gift" to pick which Laptop you'd like to receive, "Refer Friends" to grab your referral link, or "Check Status" to see how close you are to your laptop.

I haven't been asked for any contact info yet, aka address or anything, but I'm assuming I will be as soon as I can get 18 referrals.

The link is -- http://www.notebooks4free.com and if you follow my instructions, you should have your laptop in no time! Please use this link, and don't delete my referral ID from the URL. Pretty much this is where I'm asking for YOUR help. In order to find out if this is Legit, please help me (and you in the process) by clicking the above link and completing the offer.
Remember, no credit card is needed, it doesn't cost anything, the only reason you'd have not to try it is you'd be forced to use Internet Explorer.

I'll let you guys know as soon as IF I get mine, and we can finally get to the bottom of these free sites. Personally, I'm hoping it'll work. ;)

Please do not place your referral link in the comments, or else I will just have 50 million comments of referral links. Any comments with them will simply be rejected.

However, feel free to post when/if you get yours, any questions, and I'll be sure to update about everything. :P

Update Aug. 12, 2007. 8:35 AM --
Two referrals down, but they both need to complete and an offer.

Update Aug. 12, 2007 10:12 PM --
Four referrals, but only one of them completed the offer. As it turns out, she uses internet explorer (forgot to ask which version), and her cookie settings were the same as what was listed above. If you offer didn't go through, AKA HACKAVELI, jol1411, and LVD, check these settings and make sure you're using Internet Explorer. I'll update with the IE version soon.

YAY! for free ringtones!!!


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