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Messin with Tanks

On the weekend before the Wii launch, my friend Jeff stayed the night over at my house. Of course, while eagerly awaiting tomorrow, we couldn't sleep. He brought his X-Box (Hey, wasn't my idea! I HATE Microsoft for it's intrusion on the gaming world. Especially when they all ready rule computers (Windows), Internet (Internet Explorer), and everything else. Soon they're gonna make refrigerators too.) and Halo 2. At first we were doing co-op missions, which was OK. Then we started to kill each other on 2 players. That wasn't too fun.I lost a lot, except when we played Juggernaut. I don't know how to spell that.
While we were trying to pick out a level to play, I instantly shouted, "OH! Pick the fan one!" He just stared back at me. So trying my best to describe a level that I've played like, 1 time, I finally came up with, "That level with a big fan in the middle of it." Then, surprisingly, he got what I meant. For the first little while, we simply ran around killing each other, then I got in a Warthog and told him not to shoot me for a second. So he didn't, he threw a frag grenade.
I told him to stop for 5 mins, so he did, and I took the Warthog and drove it up the side of the fan. When I couldn't drive it up any farther, I waited for the fan to come around. It started to push me up, but not too long after I fell off the side of it. Jeff finally decides to kill me, then he takes my Warthog and tries the same thing. He got to about where I did.
I grab another one, and and ram him off the side of the fan. I try again to get up it. This time I get considerably farther up the fan. I keep trying to keep it steady until I fall out of it. After this, we start a little competition to see who can get it the farthest. We keep trying until FINALLY I get it to go all the way around. I fell out of course, but the warthog fell back onto the fan, and the fan spun until it finally dumped it off the other side, only to be pushed up by the fan again. Obviously, the Warthog doesn't make it a second time around without anyone steering it.
Since he couldn't get it all the way around, he said I have to do it again, to prove that I wasn't just lucky. SO I hop in a warthog, and about half way around, Jeff shoots it with a rocket launcher. I do it AGAIN, and get it to go all the way around. After this, we try it with Ghosts, but get bored quickly. So to keep it going, we quick the game, and set the Main heavy vehicle to Random, getting us both The Alien tank and the Scorpion Tank.
The Scorpion Tank was the funnest. At first, it was hard enough just to get it onto the fan, until we figured out just to go up and around a little ledge thing. (A 2ft high legde, that a 6 ton TANK can't drive over. Pretty pathetic.) We soon got it up onto the ledge near the fan. Sorry I can't describe the locations of anything too good, I don't play Halo often, so I don't even know what half the levels are called.
So ya, that's pretty much how it all went.

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