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Wednesday: Exposed and unraveld

Me: You still gone? lol
oh sorry no my brain went dead haha
haha, nah. Your fine. lol
Me: What's up?
trying to decide wich pics of me to send to my bf
that wants some
and i just don't know which ones
Me: haha, then send him all of them.
omg lol
Me: Well, it was a solution! hahahahha
thank you GENIUS
Me: hahaha
wow im in a weird mood
Me: lol, I think everybody is! Omg seriously! hahaha.
Me: I'm seriously crazy today.
Me: hahaha
ya its a wednsday who isn't
crazy wednsday
Me: That's true too. Wednesdays tend to screw people up. For whatever reason...
Me: hahaha
its cuz its the middle of the week
Me: Ooo ya, the transition between YAY IT'S FRIDAY and Crud it's Monday.
and its better than the begining and the not the crazy can't focus....need social plans end of the week
Me: hahaha, so it SEEMS like everybody's crazy because we're all actually normal today? A REVELATION! hahahah
OMG i didn't even realize that
hahaha pretty much
lol thats cool
we have found out something that no student has known before
Me: Thanks!
Me: haha, oh ya. We can take all the credit for this one!
Me: Then again, I doubt anybody has been "normal" enough to think about that

As you can tell, me and a friend on MSN have finally discovered the truth of Wednesday and why everybody is so weird. I thought this was "blog worthy" (I'm trying to make all of my entries more interesting... lol) so I decided to post it and let you guys read it!
I think we deserve money for this.

Very Interesting!!! Who was the friend you were talking to? YAY!!! I am the first to post a comment on this blog. I am still trying to delete all of your messages on my blog. It is annoying.

My friend was my friend and that friend may want their name to stay private. :P

hahaha! :D


What happened why are you two not friends anymore!!! ha ha ha i am at school YAY!!! you dont have to say it but i would like to know, but if you dont want to dont. but if you dont just fyi it will drive me crazy like the note i got from my friend that said i have a question to ask you at lunch meet me in the multimedia center (room). that drove me crazy till lunch. and it then turned out he wanted to take me to prom along with his best friend and they are both my best friend so pretty much my love life is way wacked out and messed. HEY my friend jess wants to know why you send her forwards. why did you take all of my friends emails what is up with that. you dont even know them. she thinks it is a little weird. she doesnt even read them she just deletes them when you send them. SO YA she is kind of not wanting you to send them. OMFG yesterday I was almost to my house two people burst out of nowhere one holding a squirt bottle. I dropped my back pack and kicked off my sandals(easier to run)(jordan put my stuff inside) and sprinted over to my aunts house and the girl followed me all the way there. if i messed up my aunts garage code once i would have been screwed. so i was safe. later that day my brother justin came and picked me up and we went to my persons house but no one was home. but i found out that she has little siblings because they have a pretty new swing set. on their door it says please knock so they could have a baby who needs to sleep. Their dad drives a blue truck and is a fire man. i am going to look in my bros year book from last year to see if she is in any sports. WOW!!! i know a lot!!! so my friend cassi got squirted by a guy that we are friends with and my other friend has his card so on saturday we are going to go to his house at 645 in the morning and sit there until he comes out. it is going to be awesome. cassi wants revenge. she had to bring her brother an inhaler so that is why she got squirted. WOW!!! i think this is a long comment and a whole lot of subject changes!!! LOL!!! this is fun well i hope you had fun reading this. LOL =)

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This comment has been removed by the author.




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