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Do you ever wonder WHAT exactly the teachers do on that day? With their little "staff development meeting," as they call it? Well I figure that they all get together and set a few certain dates for things. What certain dates? You might ask.
Let me ask you THIS!
Have you ever noticed how you can have an entire week with out homework, but then comes a Tuesday for example, and then KABLAM! Homework in every subject! Then you end up having every test around the same week, give or take a few days, in EVERY PERIOD! This forces you to study for everything all at once, and have all your homework due all at once, Rather than spreading it all out.
Maybe it's just a coincidence for me and Lis at least, but it sure as heck seems like it.

Wow, I'm such a dork.

That's exactly what teachers do at staff development.


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