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FINALLY! It's been done!

As you may, or may not have noticed, I now have my own URL!
Now you can simply type in LifesRiver.net in your address bar, and it will forward you to journal.lifesriver.net. The reason I had it go to this sub-domain, is because I plan on making a site on LifesRiver.net in the future.
Also, if you follow any links or whatever to my old URL (LRJohnson.blogspot.com) It takes you to a page saying we have moved, along with a pretty picture, the hit counter, and now it will re-direct you automatically to this new site. You may continue to go to my old URL if you like, but you may want to update your links and bookmarks to LifesRiver.net.
Those are the most recent updates! So stay tuned!

*Sigh* I don't visit VideoSift as much as I used to. I'm not sure why. There's probably a lot I'm missing out on.

As a sidenote, I put up a small image gallery on my site. w00t.

ha ha ha. What did video sift have anything to do with this post?
Anyways, I saw your image gallery, some of those pictures were pretty cool!
One thing I might suggest however, comments.
I'm not sure exactly how you could do this, but comments would be a good thing.

Hahah.. I guess I commented on the wrong post. You referred to Videosift on your Video of the Month post, hahah.

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