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I'm gone! *Poof*

Yes, that's right. You've probably noticed (since I'm signed out of MSN, lol) that I'm officially gone! Me and my *cough* boring *cough* wonderful family are down near St. George, and will be back on the 19th (I think... we'll be back Sunday). We do have cellphone service, internet, running water, and electricity so it's not really camping, but we're down at my uncle's cabin, so I get to hang out with my cousins, grandparents, all that. I'm really happy, been looking forward to this for a while.

My cousins live down in Las Vegas, Nevada so we hardly get to see them. Later today we'll be going four wheeling, so that'll be fun as well. Just really relaxing (and HOT) down here, but yeah. As a lot of you so correctly guessed, I wouldn't be able to stay off the internets. But hey, an innocent update won't do anybody any harm. =P I still haven't visited Messblack yet, or got onto MSN, so that's a good thing.

Another side effect of my internet addiction is that I've written a program in Autoit, except I wrote it down in my notebook on the way down here. Some of you guys Beta tested an addon I made (not released on messblack yet. It's virtually done, but there's still a few things left to do w/it), and what I've done now is written a program to create custom ones with virtually no AutoIt knowlege and whatever. It's pretty cool (and untested), so I'm thinking I'll release this new program I wrote, and have the ready made one as an example of what it does.

Either way, I would just release the 'example' now, then simply re-write the code into the AutoIt script editor, but like I said I'm down in St. George (yay). Let's see... what more to ramble about...

Oh yeah,

I AM SO BORED! I mean seriously. Wow. There is virtually NOTHING to do. Usually camping trips are fun and all, but right now is just plain boring. Maybe it's because we're not really 'camping' or whatever, but for the most part of the day I've been wondering around eating sugar and watching TV. Now I'm on the computer, trying to tame the Internet Beast inside of me. Too bad this is my dad's work computer/laptop, otherwise I'd probably download Autoit and get working on that program, download Windows Live Messenger, and maybe *cough* Check up on messblack *cough* browse the internets... IDk.

Anyways, I guess this is pretty much an update, and probably the only one that I'll be able to do for the next five days, so ya. Enjoy your pitiful lives without your one and only joy (me) in them. :)



I L'dol

St. George is a hell hole. I'm never gonna live down there. Yikes.

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