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My mood in a nutshell

Well, I've been a huge jerk to everything that moves over the past few um, well for quite a while actually. Anyways, I created a topic on messblack about it, and I really don't see a need/don't want to 'translate' it over again onto my blog... so I guess I'll just quote it directly.
Most of you (probably) won't know who Future, Bloggerz, or most of the people are in the entry, but all well. I guess you don't really need to know now do you? You still get the general idea I suppose.

Quote from- http://www.messblack.com/v2/forum/index.php?showtopic=4122

As you may, or may not know I've been in a... 'bad mood' lately, especially here at messblack.

I just wanted to apologize, and how I've been acting was uncalled for.

Future, I beg you don't ban me for being such a jerk to everyone on the forums, I'm too addicted to this site and I'd be bored to death with out it. I might even do something productive like clean this mess I call my room.

Bloggerz, Sorry I lashed out at you but you're one of the most impatient people on here I know of. Just chill. Unless you want to volunteer to fix it yourself, then just wait.

I've been really stressed out lately between work, friends, Lee, *aside* Attempting to have a life without people asking me on msn whether I died or not.... *aside* , the fake login pages not working, my own blog, answering everyone's questions via messblack, PM's, and MSN, helping out friends with whatever computer problem they manage to have, dealing with my beloved uncle recently going to jail, dealing with the breakup of my girlfriend, trying to get ready for school, researching/creating new hacks for you guys even this isn't too often, keeping up with Autoit, trying to cram the basics of HTML into my mind, dealing with both my dog which I've had/known my whole life and hamster which I raised from BIRTH :_( dieing at about the same time, finding time to relax, catch up on a few hobbies that I've been neglecting, stressing over well.... plenty of stuff.

The list goes on quite a bit more than that.

If this helps at all, I haven't
just been a jerk on messblack, so it's not like you guys get special treatment or anything. My mom's mad at me for yelling at her, a couple of my friend (probably) hate me now although I wouldn't know, I've been too busy and haven't talked to a lot of people in a while... and many more.

To cut myself short, I'm sorry everybody, and I think I need a break from messblack, msn, and the internet in general. Heh... maybe I'll go outside and see this 'sunshine' everybody talks about, and I could get some 'fresh air' although I'll have to google the meaning of those in a few minutes.....

As another update, I figured out how to do that quotey thing! I've been looking everywhere on the internet for it, but no luck unfortunately... until now. :)

Is that what's been going on...

ok *hugs* Hugs make everything better...

Well, the good news is, most of that stuff will subside...



Oh I'm sorry! I find I have been in a bad mood a lot too. Maybe it's something in the water....Jk. But you sound as stressed as I am!

wow. That's a lot of shit that hit the fan dude. Why didn't I hear/know/notice this before?

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