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New Hosting!

After a recent (bad) hosting experience with 007iHost I have finally coughed it up and started paying for hosting. I know what you're thinking, expensive eh? Normally this would be true, however I've stumbled upon (thanks to SpyroRocks) host cheaper than the yearly price of my domain name ($6). It's not a host that's recently sprung up hoping for cheap cash, because it's been around for quite some time. It's NearlyFreeSpeech.net.
I've read the entire ToS, Privacy Statement, Pricing, FAQ's, along with everything else. I've scavenged the entire site for Fine Print, but I've had no luck. This thing seems seemed too good to be true.
After registration and a free starting amount ($0.02, but that'll get you quite a long way with this host), so far everything is actually following through. I've had no complaints, it was easy to understand and setup, it includes the php mail() function, you have virtually 100% control over your site.
There's no ads, no contract, there's simply no strings attached.
I've been using this host for quite a while now (for my site, and everything on it. Not my blog though, it's still directly on blogger), and my monthly total (for August) turned out to be $0.0019. That's for bandwidth and disk space.
That's a, "Wow," moment right there.

What's that? There's MORE? *Salesman-type voice*
Why yes, there IS more. You're probably wondering why it's called Nearly Free Speech, right? That's because you can host virtually anything (No duh Levi...). Yes, that IS virtually, so that does mean there are some thing's you can't host. AKA The stuff you still couldn't put on the internet (legally) if you hosted it on your own server. Let's just put it that way. :)

If you're looking towards it, or are looking into transferring, I'd personally recommend it. The only dealie going on (right now) is planned downtime on September 10th. After reading the article it states there's no deadline for when it will be back up and running, so I can only hope.

I guess I'm going to temporarily switch to a free host... for the 10th at least.

I hate switching hosts.

its a good thing u did man.. anyways with blogger nothing to be afraid.. but i have recently moved from blogger to wordpress

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