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Waiting for the Pictures...

Ok guys, I now have the blog about the Scorpian Tanks finished, but now I am just waiting for the pictures. During the event over the Wii weekend, we took pics and vids with my friends Cell Phone, and he can't get them off his phone onto his computer.
As soon as he can get me those, then I will place the pics, and post the blog entry.

Sorry for your time!

P.S. I will soon (Maybe?) Have an accual DOMAIN NAME!!! YAY! IT will either be

Or something else. Please state your opinions on which of the two you like better, and any other alternate names, if you have them. I would have chosen LRJohnson.net, but it was taken by somebody with a yellow background, and only two pictures on the entire site.
What a waste of webspace.

I'm gonna have to say I disagree with your subtitle. Not that I've actually experienced that "two people" love, but this is what I've learned from others.
1. It's a lot more complicated than a string
2. If the love is true and its supposed to happen, then it's not very fragile
3. It is possible to keep the string from snapping if both people work hard to make it so.

That's just me making things complicated though. Sorry if im being too loquacious or annoying.

Hahah, crisb, you remind me of ME. I make those kinds of comments sometimes, but I would have to agree that you're over-complicating it a bit. Sure, love is obviously a worlds more complicated than a string, but hey, it's just a simple analogy. Let's just leave it alone. =)

As for your domain name Levi, keep thinking: Are you sure that you really want "lrjohnson" as your domain name? As a humble suggestion, you may want to keep thinking, in case you eventually think of something you like even better.

True, both of you.

But I WAS trying to keep it simple, and I'll keep thinking on the domain name.


P.S. My compy is broken, so I won't be able to post as often! =(


Any suggestions for another site name then?

Hey UM... love wow that is a big span of info. LOVE!!! love is so big. I think I might be in love with one of my friends. Are you coming to the movie on friday around 7. I hope you can make it!!

a site name um... how about BUNNIES or BUNNY MASTER or BUNNY KING somethin to do with bunnies since u r like obbsessed with them

Wow, I was in a really philosophical mood that day. Sorry about that.
Hmm... I dunno about the site name... something that relfects everything that's contained in your blog. Something that sums it all up with just a few words.
Like, for instance, dan h.'s blog name. Simple, but it works.

I'm NOT obbsessed w/bunnies!

Just on MSN since you hate that emote so much.

so im srry that i cant get the pics. this weekend we are going to woerk on it. ad for the sight name i think it should have somthing to do with hamsters.

oh i found out after typing in lrjohnson.net into google more people have looked at lrjohnson.net then people have at this sight.

ha ha ha

Guess what I just found out?
If you just type in, LRJohnson, my site appears in google now! Yay!

I also tried Steel-Froggy (my ususal Internet name) also Steel Froggy, SteelFroggy etc, and I found a lot of the sites I regularly go to! Like GU, and mainly forums. Although I haven't been to ALL of them recently...
Like ACC, I haven't gone there for EVER! ROFL

Oh, and thanks for trying w/the pics Jeff. I'm having the same problem w/my cellphone. I can't get all 74 pics of my hamster off... lol

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