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Computer Troubles

My computer isn't working right now...

When you power it up, it displays a "Disk Boot Error."
Then it asks you to insert the boot disk and press enter. Obviously I don't have the disk, and I never have. I do not know why it is doing this, however my Uncle is soon comming over to fix it.
I think it is from something My Anti-Virus program deleted. I had a virus on my computer, and it deleted the virus, then it said a few programs were "At risk of becomming infected" and it told me to delete those as well. So I pushed the "Delete" button, and nothing seemed to be wrong, so I forgot about it.
Of cource, when I powered on my computer, THEN the error comes. So I think Norton Anti-Virus deleted a Start-Up file (or something that it wasn't supposed to.)
Long story short, I don't have internet, so I won't be able to update my blog as often as I would like. I will try and get on with my mom and dad's computer upstairs, and occasionally at schoool, but I won't get tomany chances for that.
I'll keep ya updated!

Woah, weird...
The font, and size completely changes on itself... Plus it is double spaced at first...

it won't let me change it either. No matter what it still looks like that...

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