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I am currently re-arraging, changing, and all around updating my blog. I will post back when I am finished.
However, since I'm on my Wii, There's a limited amount of functions I can perform.
EXAMPLE: I can't change the Christmas Dance picture, and there's a few things I'll only be able to do when I get my computer back.
Also, it's been decided and the final name will be LifesRiver.net [hence the reason I'm updating everything]. Further information will be available when the updates are finished.

I tried to send an e-mail message through the Wii but it said it wasn't connected to our computer or something like that. So I just bullited it. Hope your computer will get fixed. You type a lot more faster there than on you wii.

Hey I love the whole new format of your blog. It is awesome. Yea well um.... I am so bored. BYE

Love Miranda

Hey Levi

I was wondering if you weren't doing anything on Tuesday if you wanted to hangout and do something and yea so call me and we could maybe do somethin.

Love Miranda

Not to be mean, but that's what the shout box is for. The comments section is for comments about the particular entry. Just a reminder.

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