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Online Translators

Have you ever used one of those free online translators, whether it's for a Spanish report, or whatever reason? I'm putting this together for two main reasons. First, it's too funny NOT to leave off, and secondly, I want to show you how far off they can be.

Now here's the setting/story.
It was just a typical average day, and I got on MSN and saw that my good friend Rutger was online. Rutger is just your average Dutch 16 year old, and he lives a normal life over in Holland. He has good friends, a great life, and he couldn't be happier.
Forget that. I'll get to the point.
We were bored, and he said something in Dutch, and I decided to google an online Dutch to English translator. He said "Jij bent amerikaan Dus", and what came out was "I am Yo Oh wait you am American therefore" When I asked him what the heck he meant by that, he just burst out laughing. Then he told me what he really said was "I'm back Yo Oh wait You're an American So..." (Yo is another word for Hi in dutch.)
I thought this was funny, so I got back into the translator and gave him this, "U bent zo bizar. Hoe over u en uh… ga U kunt met die koeien over hun bovengenoemd de oceaan vliegen. Dat kijkt als pret." Once again, he was laughing. He translated it to, "You are so bizar How over u and uh... go you can with those cows over their see above the ocean fly. that sees like fun." That was pretty close, I said something along these lines, "You are so crazy. How about you uh... go over with those cows flying above the ocean. That looks fun."
I gave him yet another random phrase, but (unfortunately) I never wrote down the original sentence, so I'll just leave it out.
What we were doing that made it so funny, was I would say something in the translator, then he would translate what the translator said back into English, then I would take what Rutger said and put it back through the translator, and so on and so fourth.
After we got bored of what ended up being "Hllo Rutger! How am today you? I has honuostly no idea what on the bringing. It probably goes about stabbed down onderneath under alligators in a park or bizar is something that everybode well speaks. I think we shall see shall" we gave up and decided to start with a new phrase.
This time, the phrase ended up being "OK. Now what am I going to say. We can do something like this chicken over here picking on my hamster marshmallow. Did you know that donkeys kill more people in a year than airplanes do? I want to know if that includes September 11th. If not, then that is really fishy like that bread on my mom's couch. OK. I have no idea how to make this any more normal like random fry sauce. Wow, this is going to make all this seem crazy and funky like this noodle."
I could go through all the stages of how it went, but that would take too long. Besides, regardless of how funny me and Rutger found it, it would probably just become really boring for you to read. The final message ended up being, "O.K now whar I that went says. We could something for until now that the region of chicken about here picking on my hamstermuel doing. Did you know that is killing a donkey more people in a year than the planes? Ik want to know if catch 11 saptember. If not, then that is really FISH as if bread on the layer of my mother. O.K i don't have a clue how to because more if random standard baked dinnersa uce am to be making. wow, this is going to very strange and funky if be this noodel it shining."
Could someone please translate that? (Rhetorical Question)
This states one of two things:
1. Either Rutger can't translate anything worth crap,
2. Or all these free online translators aren't worth your time.

After having talked to Rutger, I'll go with Theory number 2 myself.
All translations from Dutch to English made by Rutger Semp.
All translations from English to Dutch made by

Yay for crappy online translators!

u r crazy lol

"FISH as if bread on the layer of my mother."

That made me laugh very hard for some reason....

I've noticed how crappy online translators are also... But I like how you made use of it for entertainment!


ha ha ha Ya...
I downloaded a script that puts a built in translator into my MSN, and it's just as bad....
So now me and Rutger just do it directly on MSN!

Lol ik ga deze comment in het Nederlands schrijven en dan kijken wat de vertaler er van maakt!


Fun I go these comment in Dutch writing and then looking at what makes the translator there of!

Actual translation:
lol I'm gonna write this comment in Dutch and then see what the translater makes of it!

This only proves a point...

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