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At long last...

Finally, after a few months, I just heard my computer as been STARTED on! I am so happy to hear about this! I'm just grateful it's being looked at, and it will hopefully be finished soon. Then I'll be able to Blog at will, purchase the domain, do my Computer Technology homework on my own computer, play Runescape, and finally be back online with MSN. I'm so happy now! =D
On a side-note, Wii Play comes out this February and comes with an extra Wiimote. I'm mainly getting this for the "Free" controller, and It'll (Hopefully) be another fun game like Wii Sports to "Pick-Up-And-Play" when people come over.
However, the real game I'm looking forward to is Super Smash Brothers Brawl. With the online play, it's going to kick.


I wish the computer in my bedroom wasn't so dang slow. Arrgghhblblblbl..

I'm wanna swap it with the better one in my upstairs hallway..

Wii FTW.

At Least you HAVE A computer. You can only do so much on a Wii...

Hope you get your compy back soon. Super Smash Brothers Brawl sounds awesome. See Ya....

Call me

Love Miranda


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