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Updates: Going good.

Well, I FINALLY got my internet working on my computer, now all that's left is to get my sound working, my virus program, and the werid issue of why the heck it wont' install hardly anything correctly.
Otherthan that, I'm SO HAPPY! I'll have more entries comming up soon, and a little surprise for everybody! $817,000,000!!!! Ok, not really. I know it's soon, but my site will be undergoing a new change! For a hint of what it will look like, go to www.lessthandan.com. Dan is the one who will be helping me get everything set up, and all that stuff. It won't look excatly like that, It'll be a little different, and I hope I won't bee too annoying asking all these questions and other kind of stuff. It will most likely have a section with links to previous/other sites, like my piczo site, and some of the other ones I've had. I just want to take this moment to thank Dan again, and I'm looking forward too it.
Now, to get on those other entries....