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Personal Qualities Essay

As a school English assignment, we (the class) had to think of 3 words that best described us, after I wrote the essay, I kinda liked it, so I decided to post it up here for you guys. Well, here it goes!

Personal Qualities Essay
For an English assignment, I was forced to deliberately think up three different and somewhat unique words to describe myself. After very little thought, the first few words I thought up were exuberant, overenthusiastic, and confused. Some of these describe me better than others, but to fully understand, you will just have to read on. However, I’ve saved the best for last. For the remainder of this essay, I will try and come up with something to describe how these simple words describe me, and possibly how I thought them up.
The word exuberant first came into my mind, mainly because me and a classmate were assigned that word as part of the Giver vocabulary assignment, and partly because it sounds so weird and describes me well. Exuberant means ‘lively or excited’ and if you talk to anyone who knows me, I’m very rarely depressed or in a bad mood. I usually have a generally positive outlook on life. As far as specific examples, I am usually very happy and have a smile on my face. When I’m sad, lonely, mad, I can usually bounce-back pretty quickly, and turn the emotions toward energy. Describing all this and how ‘lively or excited’ I usually am is quite hard to do in an essay. A visual tour of my daily life would be a better explanation, but I’d prefer that people didn’t follow me around.
One of the next words that I thought of was overenthusiastic. This greatly ties into exuberant, but is a little different. I have a tendency to overreact to happiness. A few examples I could give would be a little personal, and one involves somebody in my English class. Since I haven’t asked for their permission, I won’t use it. Another example is when I got the courage to ask somebody to dance with me, at the first dance of 9th grade. When it was over I said Thank-You, and then tried to walk away casually. As soon as she was out of eyesight, I jumped for joy over and over again. I put the biggest grin on my face, not only at the fact she said yes, but because I was so proud of myself for finally asking her after all those passed up opportunities since 7th grade. I had the biggest rush of joy and happiness I’ve ever felt.
This last word was the only one that I had put some thought and effort into it. Confused describes me better than any other word I know of, including the exuberant and overenthusiastic. I am often very confused at the meaning of life, love, and happiness. Often I am confused about the things and people around me, but the main confusion of my life is my emotions and feelings. I often tend to mix them up, and I don’t quite understand them at times. One specific (yet vague) example is love. It’s such a strong feeling, and tends to be confused with other things. Confusion about love tends to be mixed with rushed decisions, false hope, and desperation.
The three words that best describe me would have to be exuberant, overenthusiastic, and confused. I am exuberant because of how full of energy I am and my outlook on life. I tend to be overenthusiastic when I accomplish new things and am overly excited about it. I am usually confused because I tend to think about things either too much or not enough, and have very deep thoughts about life itself. I’ve learned about myself, and hopefully you have too.

Well, there you have it! Please feel free to leave comments about it, and especially any spelling/grammar mistakes. This was only a rough draft, so I'm sure I have room for improvement!

I like how you kept your voice in your essay. Essays can be horrid boring when they sound too serious or robotic. I've never done anything like that before, but i think if i did, I would learn tons about myself, like you stated in the conclusion.
Anyway, I think you did a top job!

that was an awesome essay ha ha ha i am at school lol it was way good

Wow! That was way good! You're a pro essay writer. ;)

I especially like that it's just how you would talk. Like CrisB said, "You kept your voice in it."

My personal qualities essay was awfully horrid compared to yours. But I did write mine in the morning the day it was due. But still, I'm not a very good essay writer.


it's good to see this information in your post, i was looking the same but there was not any proper resource, thanx now i have the link which i was looking for my research.

I really like your essay. It is short and to the point. I did not get bored reading. It also gives a voice, & a positive impression of your personality-- one that is soft spoken and genuinely natural--u don't try to put up a show to impress. I will definitely use this inspire me on my essay as some of your qualities best describe me. Thanks

hahahahah that was pretty nice. when you explained yourself as a confused person i was like i haven't written any essay yet on the internet. it really is amazing.

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