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Domain Name

Well, I've decided that I will get a domain name registered, although now I don't know which one.
The only two that I could think up are as follows... http://www.LifesRiver.net and http://www.DragonsPass.net
Since nobody else (Except Miranda) gave any suggestions for the site domain, I only have two options.
I am relying on my fellow readers to decide (or help atleast) on what the final domain name will be. Since I will not be able to change the it once it is decided, please take this question very seriously. I am relying on your opinions to help decide on this.
Please choose from the following:
Something you suggest.

I will update the poll to the right, so either cast your vote there, or here. I will look at both. The advantage of placing a comment is you can say why, and say why you disagree with other names and so on.
I am personally leaning towards the www.LifesRiver.net, simply because I like it better. Allthough I rather like www.DragonsPass.net equaly. It won't be too much of a pain either way to update the blog to corrispond with a theme. (Example: If we go with LifesRiver.net, I could change the color scheme to blue, and keep the quote thing "River Related." If we pick DragonsPass.net, I could chage the color scheme to red, green, or whatever, and do something with the quote. I'll just get creative.)
So please leave your comments, and tell your friends too as well.

*Cough* Jerk *Cough*

I think DragonsPass is a sweet name. I adore dragons!

Meh. I like the Lifesriver one. =D

I like 'em both about the same. Allthough I think DragonsPass is pretty cool, I'm probobly going to do LifesRiver, just because I allready changed my Email to that. It would be a P-A-I-N to change it AGAIN, and it would probobly get really annoying for everyone else.
SO ya.

P.S. Dragons Rule

i like the dragon one...i think it's cool.. i wish i had a sugestion for you but i just can't think of one..i'm trying to write a novel but i'm runnin out of ideas...(inside joke)...yeah i think i like the dragon pass one.......


Yeah, you're right, that would be a big pain. The LifesRiver one is pretty neat too. I like it because it's not just totally random, it's actually connected to something.

I like dragons...... but you should still do something with bunnies..... lifesriver is good too..... how about combining them..... like www.dragon_bunny_life.net

that i think would be cool

Personally I wouldn't do any of the domain names. The lifesriver sounds like a girl would do it. (nothing wrong with girls but you sound like a guy, so I wouldn't do that one). Then the dragonpass just sounds like a 10 year old boy would use it. No offense.
So if I were you, I'd think about this a little harder and choose a different name. And remember- you really dont need a domain name.

True... I didn't think about it like that. I guess it DOES sound like a girl, but I think it really suits a blog. It's not like it matters all that much...
I am a guy, but come on Mr. J** you can't come up with anything better. I thought of the same thing w/the DragonsPass one. But I still will go with the LifesRiver.net or Maybe .com, but probably not.

Yes, Mr. J, you do make some excellent points. However, with all due respect, I have to point out that you are not LRJohnson, and everyone has different opinions that should be respected. Since this is not your blog, I don't think you should be making any final comments that might be considered as a bit forceful. Personally, I think lifesriver is a great name, although it might just be simply because I am a girl. ;)
You do have some good advice and sound like you know what you're talking about, so maybe I should just keep to my own business. Sorry if I intruded.


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