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Computer Update

Finally! My computer is being repaired, and it should be up and working soon. The picture to the left is the current progress. Anyhow, if and when I get my computer back, I'll finally be able to blog at will! And if I think of a good domain name, I won't forget it before I have the chance to test it at school...

As far as the domain name is going however, at first I wanted to try and be "more professional" than what my other sites and blogs have been. I've just decided it would be easier to simply go with something that suits my site, and not try and be so, blah. I do know that the domain name I thought of had something to do with a river. It was actually pretty cool, and I liked it, but now I haven't the slightest idea of what it was. Darn. The problem with river, is that the ones I was thinking of (at first) were things like, flowing river, or running river. When you put the two words together, you get... flowingriver. To me, it looks like it says flowin griver. I also thought of one, where the 1st word ended with a d, (I think it was floodedriver) and it looked like it said "driver," not river.
So pretty much, I've thought of some cool ones I've liked, but none I'm completely happy with. Plus, there is still one more thing concerning this whole domain name thing. Do I really need one? To be completely honest, the main reason I wanted one, is Dan had one, and it's pretty cool how he has his own domain name. (Actually, he has more than one, but that's not the point.) However, if you look at his hit counter, he has over 8,800 hits now. I barely have over 100, most of which is me. As I've been thinking about it, I really don't think I need to spend money on a domain, (even if it IS only $6 a year.) until I actually generate some hits, and have at least committed to a site for awhile. THEN I could think about purchasing one. Until then however, it's always fun to think up domain names, and if I find one, check up and make sure it's still available for use. If it's a cool unique name, (like Steel-Froggy, which BTW, everyone has been copying me. I'll talk about that on a later entry though.) then hopefully it will be available.
Now, I can't decide if I should just post this as is, or if I should combine more subjects into one blog entry. Nah, I'll just post it now.
EDIT: Just one more thing, WHY IS MY FONT ALL WEIRD! It seems to be formatted different, I'm using the same settings, but for some reason, on this post, the type isn't double spaced. I have no idea why it is on the other ones, but whatever my blog is doing, it needs to make up it's mind. Just like when my title was going orange for some reason.

Keep in mind that the hits on my blog were actually generated over the past 2 years. =)

Like I said, if you're going to have a domain name, be sure to choose something that sounds really good, is easy to remember and something that won't become corny after a long time.

Well right, but still. You waited until 2 years to get a domain name. Was it you who voted not now on that poll?

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