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Christmas Vacation

Hooray! Today (Dec. 20th) is the last day of school! For 2006 at least. This means a few things, A. My blog will not be updated nearly as much as I have been. (Considering the recent Computer Issues.) I'll only be able to update it on my dad's computer at home, (which will never happen) since I won't beable to update it during 6th period.

So, just consider this a vacation post. I'll be "vacationing" over the break from computers. *Sniffle* JK

Noooo! I am school-deprived! School is my social gateway, man. Oh well.

The extra rest is needed.

Ha ha ha

Ha ha ha

Oh man, i SO lovin vacation!
Let's just say im not one of the "social flowers" at school.

You aren't a social flower at all.... unless it is a friday night with all of our friends or just me and jess.... and if we are all hyper any day we you can be way social.... LOL

oh k so yea i would be happy to hang out any time. we should do it over the the christmas brake or something. sorry if i spelt anything wrong.... i am trying to not let my brother jordan see because i hate it when people read over my shoulder

Hey crisb where do i get a social flower i want to have a social flower. tell me please (insert puppy dog eyes emote here) so yea please please tell me where i can get a social flower

Well, you see, a social flower is the opposite of a wall flower. So, obviously social flowers aren't found next to walls. They're usually found directly under the sun, or aka "in the spotlight". Also, you'll find these kind of flowers are always surrounded by a variety of kinds of plants. They're usually smack in the middle of them all.
Social flowers can be found in the following places:
The school gardens
The store gardens
The park gardens
The "popular kids'" gardens at home

good luck!
oh, and by the way, social flowers wilt when not surrounded by other plants, so you might want to keep that in mind if you find one.

ha ha ha.
I like your explination CrisB

Hey, you know what I just realized? MY FONT IS DOUBLE SPACED AGAIN!!!! ZOMG! WTF???


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