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What is popularity? Who are "the popular people?" If this question was asked to the public, a variety of people would come up. Different groups of people would come up. Popularity can be described as a number of different things. For example, some people would call the cheerleaders popular. Why? Because everybody likes them right? Well, some people would count the popular people as the class idiots. A.K.A. class clowns. They're the people who show off, and act stupid on purpose in class. Why? Because everybody likes them right?
To skip to the point, popularity varies within the different "groups" of people. People consider other people popular than others. As for me? I don't really care about the groups, or a "popularity" rating. Mainly because of two reasons. 1st, I don't care what other people think. I just prefer to to do what I want, and act like myself. Not how society wants me to act. I think that's just stupid. 2ndly, well, I don't have a 2ndly anymore. I pretty much combined them in the 1st one.
Still don't get my point? Here, I'll give you some examples. First, the cheerleaders. They (along with others) think everybody likes them. (Now, I'm going to try and be non-bias here, but... just read on.) This isn't true. I have a few friends who are completely racist against cheerleaders. Sounds weird, but true. They HATE the cheerleaders. We had a dance at our school, where you had to pay to get in, and it was some kinda fund-raiser for the cheerleaders. They refused to go to it. Another example, me! Yay! OK, I won't use me as an example... How about Dan? Some people, (like the cheerleaders for example) wouldn't consider him "popular" or whatever. Others do. I can think of at least one person. Get my point? If not, I'm not going to stay talking about this one subject forever. Just go ask your friends to come to my awesome blog, and have them read it, THEN they can explain what all this gibberish means.

OMG my head hurts after reading the green messed up word verification thingy... anyway. I'm popular as hell. YAY! I am! I consider me populair since everybody is my friend. That's mostly because if you are not my friend, you are nobody and people start asking questions like "why not??" and they come back to me begging. Wich I enjoy! How did it get to that point? Well, I started off as a complete loser and nobody. But as I grew up, I went on being just me, and kept on not caring AT ALL what other people might think of me. Better yet, I loved it when they thought of me as odd. Because, well, I am! So I thought up new and better ways to be different from every living soul. People had respect for me, since I made my own trends. After a while, I started noticing people copying me. The stuff I did to be different, was copyd by people... ^#^*%$%^*$^I HAD TO THINK UP NEW THINGS! meh, I thought, I just do whatever I fell like, and people LOVED it! I was, am and will always be a complete rebel! And now, for reasons not a lot of people now, I got to a stage, where wether you like it or not. Everybody know my name. Not because I'm so SUPERB (well, I AM, but that's not it). But because.. I just can't be denied. And wheter ya like it or not. Meetin me, or hearing about me, will change your life forever. In a good way, or in a bad way? That's entirely up to you. But believe me, I will never be forgotten.

And I guess, that's what popularity means. That you will live forever, even long after you passed.

lol. I love rutger's expanation. I know one thing tho: I love my friends for who they are and not because they follow stupid trends or anything. I'd never want any of the people I love to compromise who they are following the trends set out by the populars. As far as I'm concerned, screw popularity, that's true coolness. :)


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